Alresala Investment & Property Development


Alresala Investment & Property Development is a large business with a property leasing business as a subsidiary, primarily in leasing residential and commercial properties. It has two major domains that deal with property development and leasing operations. It is a vastly expanded business that requires automation for more precision in the future.


Alresala Investment & Property Development operates with the help of an in-house facility management team that monitors and manages the facility’s management requests. It requires a system that tracks inventory, creates stores in its buildings, and manages issuances based on facility management requests.
Moreover, it needs technology that creates opportunities, registers leads, and converts them into quotes. Folio3 helps implement this idea using Oracle NetSuite, simplifying leasing operations and setting up property development procedures for financial transactions.

The Challenge

Previously, Alresala Investment & Property Development was conducting its practices using excel and some more basic software, causing significant inconveniences and various manual errors. It needed ERP implementation to streamline all real estate management processes to eradicate efficiency and productivity issues

  • Errors in day-to-day financial transaction management
  • Difficulty in handling inventory management
  • Hefty address procurement and reporting issues
  • Problems with property management procedures


Oracle NetSuite presented a standardized mechanism that supports all the basic-level and high-level functionalities that Alresala Investment & Property Development needed. Folio3 created the perfect solution that involved configuring significant real estate service processes.

  • Establish an organizational structure and financial segmentation plan
  • Set up all the central accounting operations-based procedures
  • Facilitate the buying process to smoothen purchases
  • Assist in the property management configuration
  • Design and implement a fixed assets module
  • Prepare and manage standard analytics in the business’s systems
  • Provide consulting services and streamline the data import


Alresala Investment & Property Development showed complete satisfaction with the error-free and precise integration of an ERP solution presented by Folio3. Our personalized functionalities helped our clients’ processes in real estate management while helping them with modules including financial management, record-keeping, property management, business analytics, and several other areas.

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