Eravant (formerly Sage Millimeter, Inc.) is a woman-owned, and ITAR-registered company focused on developing high-performance microwave and millimetre-wave components and subassemblies for commercial and military applications. Eravant’s product offerings range from standard catalog products to custom-designed, application-, performance-, or function-specific products.


Eravant partnered with Folio3, a premium development partner, to utilize their NetSuite ERP platform and build a Standard SuiteCommerce web store. Folio3 successfully activated a customized B2B website using NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced, integrating it seamlessly with Eravant’s NetSuite back office. This collaboration enabled Eravant to achieve their goals of a fully integrated and efficient e-commerce storefront

The Challenge

Eravant would like to leverage its NetSuite ERP platform to develop a Standard SuiteCommerce website on top of this platform. The project scope is to upgrade their B2B website and to perform certain functions by them and their customers.Their goals included improving processes related to pricing, order tracking, registration, and attachment management.


Following is the list of functionalities delivered to Eravant for their new website based on the core features set provided by the latest release of NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce.

  • Install SuiteCommerce, customize CSS, and set up item search API preferences
  • Configure custom shopping domains, and image mappings, and define general site preferences
  • Implement the website design provided by company
  • Configure SC Global Navigation, Search, Login/registration, and theme the UI of the Header
  • Implement CMS-based standard SC footer with static content, links, social media icons/links, copyright text
  • Develop a Home Page, product listing page, detailed product page, quick order, store locator, add to cart, and checkout pages
  • Setup content areas which are to be maintained by Site Management Tools (CMS)Configure NetSuite instance extensions related to the NetSuite eCommerce Website
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • End-to-end testing on Sandbox/Production
  • URL Mapping/Rewrites (from old to new site)

Folio3 also implemented a number of customizations to their SuiteCommerce web store, to add functionality not supported in SuiteCommerce Advanced by default. These included features such as:

  • AI enabled buildable (from available raw material) stock calculator
  • Item Bill of Materials Map List
  • Real time web stock status tool
  • Multiple custom content types with ease of various views
  • In Stock and Lead time predictor for items
  • Zendesk integration with NetSuite
  • Searchable blogs & Scientific calculators
  • Customized side navigation, and smooth navigation menu
  • Customized matrix items and options
  • Item attachment uploader utility
  • Call for Pricing
  • Custom order tracking workflow
  • Moderated sign-up process
  • The ability for international customers to upload attachments along with the order and on the Product Details Page


Eravant’s collaboration with Folio3 resulted in a highly successful SuiteCommerce implementation, delivering a modern and fully functional website with an enhanced user experience. Seamless integration of key functionalities improved website usability, and allowed Eravant to achieve all of the above goals, enabling their customers as well as their team to place and manage orders easily. With SuiteCommerce, Eravant is well-equipped for sustained growth and exceptional customer service, leaving them extremely satisfied with Folio3’s work

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