HSK Group


HSK Group, established in 1978, has expanded with successful investments in various sectors. They currently manage 26 real estate properties in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Fujairah, including commercial and residential buildings, farms, warehouses, and retail stores. Their advanced ERP system streamlines property management and offers tenants a self-service portal for easy transactions and requests


HSK Group was seeking to implement Oracle NetSuite ERP to streamline financials, property management, facility management, and CRM functionalities while ensuring real-time reporting. Folio3 was able to do Oracle NetSuite Standard ERP implementation to meet HSK’s business requirements effectively

The Challenge

The challenges HSK Group faces in its day-to-day operations include:

  • Financial Management: unable to ensure accurate and timely management of financial transactions, including accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting.
  • Facility Management: difficulty in Overseeing the maintenance and operations of facilities, including managing service requests, tracking assets, and optimizing resource utilization.
  • CRM Functionality: lack of customer relationship management processes to effectively track interactions, manage leads, and provide personalized services to clients.


Folio3 developed an optimal solution that involved the configuration of essential real estate service processes, aligning them with the standardized mechanism presented by Oracle NetSuite. This solution effectively supported all the required basic-level and high-level functionalities needed by HSK.

  • Optimize company structure and financial segmentation plan.
  • Implement Efficient processes for accurate accounting operations.
  • Structured purchasing process for efficient procurement.
  • Comprehensive system for property management
  • Implement CRM processes for effective support management
  • Configured module for accurate fixed asset management.
  • Efficient system for case creating and tracking
  • Implement analytics for insightful data analysis.


Folio3 delighted HSK with its flawless and accurate Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation. Our tailored functionalities significantly enhanced HSK’s real estate management processes, encompassing financial management, record-keeping, property management, business analytics, and various other critical areas

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