Ramy Technologies

SuiteSuccess Implementation


Ramy Technologies is a UAE-based business that deals with 4 x 4 automobile parts and maintenance services. It is one of the leading genuine automotive part distributors all over UAE.


Ramy Trading is an automotive trading and maintenance company that collaborated with Folio3 to upgrade their ERP system with Netsuite functionalities and Magento front store. Folio3 provided them with Netsuite ERP integration with Magento’s front store and back end integration and processing.

The Challenge

Among a few other challenges, one big challenge was the custom synchronizations and integration between Netsuite and Magento. Synchronization and optimization of scattered data were also some of the challenges.


Based on the requirements of Ramy Technologies, Folio3 provided them with custom Netsuite functionalities and synchronization features offering them the Netsuite ERP integration for maximum sales and customer satisfaction.

Below are a few of the solutions that we provided. 

  • Custom functionality for syncing sales between Magento and NetSuite along with synchronizing customer information including name, phone number, and other details
  • Selective product SKU synchronization between Magento and Netsuite
  • Standard Magento Netsuite Connector features


For synchronizing sales and order information, Ramy technologies needed Netsuite ERP integration with their Magento Front store. Folio3 successfully provided them with Netsuite integration and other custom solutions.

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