Sitoo Integration


Sitoo offers amazing tech, allowing retailers to unite their business functioning from various stores as well as online sales channels in real-time. Having access to the information updated in real-time from all business touch-points allows retailers to sell and fulfill everything from anywhere.


Folio3 developed and integrated the Sitoo POS Software with NetSuite to help SITOO provide a better experience to its retail customers by enabling them to sync their product roup, class, vendors, warehouse locations, orders, inventory, refunds, reports, shipments & ManualIn/warehouse transactions.

The Challenge

Sitoo didn’t have a system in place to help its customer to sync all of their product, orders and shipment, inventory, reports, sales or refund data.


Folio3 developed and integrated the Sitoo NetSuite Integration Connector to allow Sitoo and its customers to sync their data and manage their business from a one-stop solution. Here’s a list of features that the module offered:

  • Sync Product Group from NetSuite to Sitoo
  • Sync Product Class in NetSuite to Categories to Sitoo
  • Sync Vendors as Manufacturers from NetSuite to Sitoo
  • Sync Locations as Warehouses from NetSuite to Sitoo
  • Sync Product Data from NetSuite to Sitoo
  • Sync Inventory for Items from NetSuite to Sitoo
  • Sync Orders From Sitoo to NetSuite
  • Sync Refunds from Sitoo to NetSuite
  • Sync Z-report from Sitoo to NetSuite
  • Sync Shipments as Transfer Orders from Sitoo to NetSuite
  • Sync “ManualIn” Warehouse Transactions as Inventory Adjustments from Sitoo to NetSuite


Folio3 successfully created the NetSuite Sitoo Integration Connector allowing users to use both Sitoo & NetSuite simultaneously to be able to better manage their products, inventories, orders, sales, shipments, refunds, locations, reports and as well as manual warehouse sales. Bank & Vogue is one of Folio3’s customers that has integrated the Sitoo Connector.

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