SuiteSuccess Implementation


Synthego is known to be one of the top gnome engineering Software providers and is also known to be a leading synthetic RNA kit, majorly used for research and CRISPR genome editing.


Synthego, known for providing genome software services and RNA kits, needed Netsuite customization and development services. Folio3 provided Synthego with NetSuite customization along with support and development services.

The Challenge

When providing Synthego with the consultation and development services, one of the challenges was data migration, custom reports creation, and dashboards that Folio3 provided.


After careful evaluation of the Synthego requirements and needs, folio3 was capable of coming up with the following solutions.

  • Netsuite customization and tailoring service combined with consultation and development services
  • Custom automation and data migration service
  • Especially tailored NetSuite reports, forms, and dashboards
  • Netsuite Custom workflows and integration with external systems.


Based on the requirements of Synthego for customizations, consultation, and development, Folio3 was capable of providing tailored solutions for Synthego for maximum support, productivity and results.

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