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ERP Can Help You Match and Exceed Your Customer Expectations

An Overview of ERP’s role in Improving Customer Service

Every time, the customer is correct. Everyone has heard that idiom. Customers today, unfortunately, are not always in the right. Customers can now choose from a variety of options. A superior product is insufficient. It must provide excellent aftercare and customer service. A survey found that 73% of consumers consider customer experience significant when selecting what to buy, and 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a fantastic experience. Customers share their opinions about a product and a company with others. Care and treatment are typically at the heart of a positive customer experience.

Your company’s behaviour is directly related to customer experience. With customer expectations higher than ever, businesses cannot afford to miss an opportunity to improve their experience. Being an affiliated company means bringing together different departments and offices to meet buyers’ needs. But how do you achieve it?

You must go beyond traditional customer-facing apps to meet the challenges of increasing customer demand and create compelling brand-building experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations and ever-changing needs. A modern ERP system is the solution. In addition, an enterprise resource planning solution that manages data and drives business insights is a requirement to move your business forward. As a result, many companies are turning to customer retention solutions. Develop a holistic approach to improving the customer experience, from employee training and assessment to their daily technology. Successfully leveraging digital solutions can help businesses create superior customer service experiences and ultimately profit.

How Can ERP Help You Improve your Customer Service?

Today’s leading ERP solutions deliver superior customer service by collecting customer history, providing a complete view of each customer, and prioritizing and automatically discounting the most valuable customers. All this data leads to improved shipping processes, reliable tracking and real-time shipping information. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are powerful ways to connect systems, data, and people. ERP integrates the management of key business processes by linking functional areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, human resources, and manufacturing.

ERP solutions are starting to break down business silos. Employees work with consolidated data sets and have an integrated system to link, track, and report on functions and business processes.

Implementing an ERP solution is a way to build workflows, processes, and collaborations to improve the customer experience. Here’s how an ERP will enhance your customer experience

Automate responses – To speed up customer service and ensure that all customer inquiries are addressed, you can set up automated responses in your ERP. So your customers will know right away that your support request has been received.

Prepare answer template – We also receive similar questions from customers regularly. You can set up response templates such as email signatures to manage these questions quickly and efficiently. Select a specific answer from a predefined list with just a few clicks. Not only does this speed up your work, but you can also use response templates to ensure consistency across your customer service team.

Provide opportunities for self-help – A third way to ensure a quick response is to let your customers help themselves with self-help options.

Streamline ALL your Backend Processes

A good ERP system makes activities behind the scenes more productive, which improves customer service. Integrating order management personnel with fulfilment managers, for instance, ERP assists businesses in completing orders. In addition, by gathering, sorting, and allocating all customer requests to the appropriate support staff members, you may begin optimising your customer care procedures by deploying a modern ERP like NetSuite.

A cloud-based ERP also promotes business openness by allowing several departments to access the same data. This enables you to organise and optimise your procedures for a better client experience.

Better Demand Planning for Your Business

Few things are more embarrassing than being unable to fulfil a customer’s order due to inventory shortages. ERPs can help eliminate this problem by providing interconnected forecasting and inventory planning capabilities. Predictive Analytics analyzes historical data to identify trends and accurately forecast demand. Combining this information with automated inventory levels allows you to proactively plan and order materials and schedule production to meet customer demands and expectations.

An ERP solution can help you organize your inventory and inventories. This expedites order fulfilment and delivery, helping your business meet customer demand. ERP automates vital elements of inventory and warehouse management. ERP can track inventory turnover so you can automate inventory purchases, understand replenishment frequency and quantity, and adjust for seasonal or regional demand variances. Inventory management enables you to classify parts and products, identify and respond to excess inventory, and improve forecasting, planning, and relationships with supply chain partners.

Get Business Insights that You Need

Data is the driving force of ERP solutions. A real-time customer service dashboard provides insight into how your team handles customer service requests. With his cloud-based ERP, you can easily overview request status and all queued cases.

Collected data can be easily shared across teams to better understand customer behaviour and needs. In addition, data allows businesses to analyze valuable customer feedback and gain insight into what improvements are required. This synergy gives you a better understanding of how to serve your customers best and increase customer retention.

Are your team members overloaded with support requests? Do you have important customers who are waiting longer than promised response times? Use this real-time information to track service performance and manage better.


Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or increase loyalty rates, ERP can significantly help improve the customer experience. Our streamlined, comprehensive solutions keep you one step ahead of your customers and competitors.

Suppose you are implementing a new ERP and looking to transform your customer service experience. In that case, NetSuite is crucial to customer satisfaction, and Folio3 has the skills and knowledge to ensure your business’s success.

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