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Oct 16th - 19th, 2023

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Deep dive into how you can leverage NetSuite to create lasting competitive advantages

Folio3: Award winning NetSuite partner with global firepower and local expertise

Folio3 Specialized Solutions for NetSuite


A cloud-based property management solution that helps property managers and owners to streamline the most common processes such as property creation, tenant management, contract creation, rent collection, and much more.


Leverage NetSuite to track project costs, manage books, records, and compliance for government projects while focusing all of your energy on your business’s core goals and objectives


A custom tailored ERP solution, built on top of NetSuite to Simplify AFA business processes With NStitch you can easily track various stages of In-house and Outsourced Production processes, and get visibility and control across different functions.

Open Air

With a proven track record of successful implementations and a deep understanding of OpenAir’s intricate features, our team of dedicated professionals stands as a beacon of expertise in this field. We offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, ensuring seamless integration, efficient project management, and optimal utilization of NetSuite OpenAir.

Who We Have Worked With

Your One-Stop-Shop for Full-Spectrum NetSuite Solutions & Services​

Folio3 offers end-to-end services that are tailored to customer requirements and built to scale as you grow.

NetSuite Implementation

Folio3's NetSuite Implementation service ensures a seamless transition to the NetSuite ERP system, aligning it with your unique business needs. Our experts configure, migrate data, and provide comprehensive training, optimizing your operations for enhanced efficiency and growth.

NetSuite Integration

Folio3's NetSuite Integration service creates fluid connections between your NetSuite system and various applications. This integration streamlines data exchange, automates processes, and boosts productivity, empowering your business with real-time insights and smoother workflows.

NetSuite Customization

Folio3's NetSuite Customization service tailors the ERP system to your specific requirements. Our skilled developers create custom fields, forms, and scripts, ensuring that NetSuite adapts perfectly to your processes, enhancing data utilization and overall operational effectiveness.


Folio3's SuiteCommerce expertise empowers you to craft unique e-commerce experiences using NetSuite's capabilities. We seamlessly integrate your online store with your core business operations, providing customers with a unified and engaging shopping journey while optimizing your backend processes for success.









Meet Folio3 Expert Team

Umair Khan

Chairman, Folio3 Software Inc
Expertise: ERP

Adnan Lawai

CEO, Folio3 Software Inc
Expertise: Real Estate

John Wynn

MD NetSuite Practice UK & EMEA
Expertise: NetSuite OpenAir


Sales Director (North America)
Expertise: DCAA

MJ Stephens

Sales Manager
Expertise: Integrations

Hani Mamdani

Senior ERP Consultant
Expertise: NStitch

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