BigCommerce NetSuite Integration Connector

Accelerate sales and fulfillment processes by seamlessly syncing customers, contacts, products, and pricing.

Bridge e-Commerce Gaps with NetSuite BigCommerce Integration

Synchronize your online store with NetSuite’s robust ERP system with Folio3’s prebuilt BigCommerce NetSuite connector. It facilitates automated data transfer across orders, inventory, and customer information, thereby accelerating sales and fulfillment processes.

Boost your profit margins with the efficient NetSuite BigCommerce connector. This integration  significantly cuts down manual data entry making your business processes to be more efficient and streamlined.

NetSuite BigCommerce Connector Highlights


Centralized Stock Management

Manage inventory from one system across warehouses and keep it synced with external systems.


Easy Order Management

Automate sales order synchronization from BigCommerce and manage on NetSuite `


Swift Fulfillment

Provide shipment and tracking info to customers for orders fulfilled in NetSuite


Consistent Product Info

Always have your product info, like color, price, size, description, etc., updated on your webstore.


Quick Refunds

Ensure consumer satisfaction by processing quick and timely refunds


Added Functionalities

Add other functionalities like automated syncing of canceled orders, delisting items from the store, etc.


Painless Deployment

Get your integration set up and running with ease


Extensive Customizations

Don’t be limited. Customize your integration to fit your business needs.


Real-time Dashboards

Get end-to-end visibility of the integration and sync status

NetSuite BigCommerce B2B Connector by Folio3

Now introducing fully automated, turn-key integration of NetSuite with BigCommerce B2B edition. Superfast, scalable, and a better way to sell B2B.

Add-on features are available via customization

Folio3 is an Award-Winning ‘Tier One’ NetSuite Alliance partner excelling in NetSuite Customizations. Beyond our prebuilt connector, we can also help you build customized features required by your business .

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Seamlessly Sync Customers, Contacts, Products, and Pricing in Real-time with our BigCommerce Connector

  • Synchronize Products & Inventory Levels
  • Automatically transfer all product information including pricing and SKUs between NetSuite and BigCommerce
  • Synchronize stock levels from multiple NetSuite warehouses to BigCommerce
  • Easily manage matrix items, variants & meta files
  • Manage catalogue details in BigCommerce as they are updated in real time in NetSuite
  • Transfer orders and customers from BigCommerce to NetSuite and vice versa
  • Sync Orders, Customers & Payments
  • Identify returning and repeat customers
  • Enhanced customer service with individual customer tracking
  • Supports multiple currencies & payment methods
  • Shipping & Fulfillment Management
  • Automatically transfer shipment tracking details from NetSuite to BigCommerce in real time
  • Sync shipping methods across BigCommerce & NetSuite

Case Studies

Solving complex problems for businesses of all kind

  1. Learn how PK Safety successfully overcame the challenges of manually syncing information across systems, streamlining their operations for greater efficiency and accuracy.
  2. Explore how Club Pilates successfully synchronize their 7 BigCommerce web stores with NetSuite ERP, effectively eliminating the need for time-consuming manual updates

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Get a seamless NetSuite BigCommerce integration experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It employs API integration for real-time data exchange between NetSuite and BigCommerce.
    Yes, it’s adept at handling multiple BigCommerce stores seamlessly.
    Absolutely. Folio3 is specialized in providing customization to fulfil unique business needs.
    It supports automatic, non-disruptive updates.
    The integration greatly enhances inventory management by synchronizing inventory levels across platforms, providing accurate and up-to-date stock information, crucial for efficient supply chain management.