PK Safety - Netsuite BigCommerce Integration


PK Safety is a specialized seller of safety equipment that includes gas detectors, tower climbing harnesses, confined space tripods, and self-retracting lifelines. Based in California, PK Safety has been serving hardworking professionals with top-quality safety products for over 70 years.


PK Safety is a California-based retailer that specializes in industrial safety equipment. Folio3 fully integrated their BigCommerce web store with their NetSuite ERP using their proprietary NetSuite BigCommerce Integration Connector, along with adding some custom functionalities in addition to NetSuite’s amazing feature-set.

The Challenge

PK Safety used the BigCommerce platform for its web store while all the back-office operations and processes were managed by NetSuite. Since the two disparate systems were not integrated with each other, they had to manually input information in the two systems to keep them synchronized. This utilized a lot of manual effort and time that went into keeping the data in between the two systems accurately synced.


Folio3’s proprietary BigCommerce connector for NetSuite is an Integration-as-a-Service offering that enables end-to-end integration between NetSuite and BigCommerce web stores. The connector enabled complete automation in between the systems allowing PK Safety to take advantage of the seamless integration between their web store on BigCommerce and their NetSuite ERP.

With Folio3’s NetSuite BigCommerce Integration connector, PK Safety was able to unify all information onto a single seamless infrastructure centered within NetSuite. They can now monitor and manage end-to-end data in NetSuite, enabling them to focus on key business performance areas, rather than getting caught up in operations issues. The feature set of the connector included:

  • Import Customers from BigCommerce to NetSuite.
  • Import Sales Orders from BigCommerce to NetSuite.
  • Export Item data from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Export Order Status and Shipping Info from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Invoice sync from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Export Inventory Quantity from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Export Sales Price from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Export Refund Data from NetSuite to BigCommerce.
  • Import Selected Sales Orders from the Connector Dashboard.
  • Search for Imported BigCommerce Sales Orders in NetSuite.
  • Search for Imported BigCommerce Customer records in NetSuite.
  • Sync Sales Orders On Demand from BigCommerce to NetSuite, from the Connector Dashboard.
  • Sync Items On Demand from NetSuite to BigCommerce, from the Connector Dashboard.
  • Sync Refunds On Demand NetSuite to BigCommerce, from the Connector Dashboard.
  • Filter Synced Data and Data Sync Log based on Certain Parameters, from the Connector Dashboard.

In addition to the standard vanilla features, PK Safety also needed some customizations to fulfill specific business requirements:

  • A one-time synchronization of all items from their current Magento web store to NetSuite. This one-off data import includes details such as the item name, item description, pricing, meta information, quantity, etc.

Folio3’s NetSuite BigCommerce Integration connector is Built for NetSuite, therefore it is completely secure and complies with all the standards and practices set by NetSuite as well.


Folio3’s NetSuite BigCommerce Integration connector fully automated and integrated their NetSuite ERP with their BigCommerce web store, allowing PK Safety to manage & monitor all data within a single NetSuite system.

With end-to-end automation, the connector eliminated the hassles and constraints of keeping information in these systems synced manually, allowing the company to focus more on the customer and value delivery.

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