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4 Steps To Becoming Netsuite Certified

The well-known NetSuite Certification program is now even bigger and more powerful. There’s never been a stronger way to get involved in NetSuite operations than to become accredited by NetSuite.

An Introduction to NetSuite Certification

Since its inception in 2013, the NetSuite Certification program has certified over 4,000 individuals with the information and skills to use NetSuite. The program quickly expanded to include seven exam-based certifications for end-users, including new Financial User and Suite Analytics User certifications. Why should you get certified? Individuals, businesses, and NetSuite partners – all profit from NetSuite certification. Let’s see how.

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  • Individuals. Companies are looking for proof that you’ve got the skills it takes to work on NetSuite. Having a certification will help you achieve your career goals. You join a select group of NetSuite professionals and obtain certification lettering to display on your website and business cards. In addition, you can save 30% on dozens of scheduled NetSuite training programs.
  • Organizations that serve customers. To get the most out of your NetSuite investment, make sure you hire individuals who’ve got the greatest skills and knowledge. When you assess opportunities and employees against a recognized guideline, you’ll gain new trust in your staffing, hiring, and promotions. You also reduce the risk of an underqualified person making an error, and you get training special offers for NetSuite certified employees.
  • Partners. Prospective customers ask for proof of a partner’s NetSuite competence, which Solution Providers and Alliance Partners could provide. Partners in the Suite Cloud Developer Network help ensure that teams can easily create Suite Apps that fulfill the ‘Built for NetSuite’ verification program’s requirements. For NetSuite certified employees, all collaborators are entitled -to discounted professional development.
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Certifications are an excellent way for consultants to establish quantifiable, testable objectives. It also aids in establishing trust among the clients, knowing that they’re operating with seasoned, worthy consultants. Certifications give prospective clients the assurance they need to move ahead with their NetSuite projects, according to Matt Kenney, RSM US LLP’s National NetSuite Leader.

“The NetSuite Certification program has been extremely beneficial to us,” said Mark Rhyman, Big Bang ERP’s Co-CEO and Chief Business Development Officer. “It has not only given our company and crew legitimacy in the eyes of our clients, but it has also assisted our staff in enhancing their skills of the remedy, staying up to date with new updates, and increasing the self-confidence of the employees”.

If you’re prepared to start your certification journey, follow these four guidelines to get initiated:

Step 1: Choose the Right Certification

NetSuite offers seven certifications for administrators, designers, specialists, and end consumers. In the administrator path, there are five credentials available as detailed on the certification site:

Suite Foundation: This is the first level of certification for administrators, developers, and consultants.

Administrator: Daily operations leadership and standardization of NetSuite applications.

Suite Cloud Developer: Develop and deploy solutions to enhance or customize NetSuite.

Commerce Developer: NetSuite Com solution provider development.

Additionally, end-users can now obtain 2 additional certifications:

Financial User: Finance and accounting interface at its most basic.

SuiteAnalytics User: NetSuite disclosure, big data, and business analytics skills are required.

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Step 2: Prepare by Training, Studying, and Practicing

NetSuite has a wealth of resources to assist you in studying for a certification exam. Prerequisites and recommended training classes are outlined in each certification synopsis, which includes two-day courses that focus solely on certification practice tests.

You should also look into our in-depth lesson plans, such as our assistant director certification how-to support.

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Step 3: Do Your Research

For more information on the exams, retaining certification, and other topics, visit the certification site’s FAQ section. Basic Google search will provide additional NetSuite certification resources and perspectives that will help you prepare. There are about a half-dozen NetSuite Certified Social media groups, while some of them are only open to those who have already been accredited.

Seize the opportunity to reach out to the NetSuite Certification program team at Suite World and connect with certified NetSuite experts to learn from them.

Step 4: Create an Account and Take a Quiz

You have many options when it comes to taking your exam: You can register for an in-person exam at a testing center that is a NetSuite partner. You can also take a standardized online exam. The test is also available at Suite World 2018 Pre-Event Training. Before the main Suite World event begins, you can take training courses, prep classes, and a certification test there. After you have finished the test, you will know whether you passed or failed right away. With the exception of the Financial User and Suite Analytics User certifications, all receive daily refresher courses via a survey.

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