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CRM Software Tools 2022: Why Startups Should Invest (& Which One to Choose?)

The best CRM software solutions integrate with practically every aspect of your business to keep track of customer interactions, improve operations, and increase revenue.

A CRM system, as a single repository for customer and prospect contact information, may track multiple sales funnels, improve workflow management, keep track of customer discussions, and make it easier to conduct sales and marketing performance reviews. This article delves into CRM software, as well as the best solutions for a variety of industries.

A CRM may help you maintain track of your customers and their contact information so that you can generate reports, save time, and make more money.

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Perks of Using CRM for Startups:

You should anticipate a CRM to be simple to use if you’re shopping for one. Fortunately, there are several CRMs on the market with simple user interfaces, intuitive user experiences, and fast and easy data access. If the user interface is well-designed, your whole team will be more inclined to utilize the system.

A CRM system should have features like transaction automation, sales forecasting, and marketing campaign management, among other things. While you wait, make use of CRM software’s customizability possibilities to tailor it to your company’s specific needs. While working in a new location, the flexibility to alter contact and opportunity fields, as well as other characteristics, is quite valuable. Make sure the CRM you choose has a superb customer service team that helps you through the software’s learning curve, answers your nagging questions, and rapidly resolves technical issues. As a startup, you’ll want a service that won’t break the bank, so seek tiered pricing plans that progressively increase in price as you grow (in other words: no expensive surprises).

Helps to get organized

CRM software helps businesses run more efficiently by bringing together customer interactions, sales, and marketing activities, and service and support initiatives in one location. To improve visibility and organizational transparency, you may establish teams and assign responsibilities.

Data may come into the centralized platform via integrations with social media, email programs like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, and other digital technologies. Everything becomes better structured when all of your data goes into a single source and is handled in-house.

Collaboration and transparency will improve.

Collaborative CRM capabilities make it simple to work together no matter how far apart you are. They allow your whole team improved real-time access to information about clients, deals, allocated tasks, and projects, so everyone knows what the other is working on and workloads can be spread more efficiently (and equally). You may offer customer experiences that transcend any particular department or team function by centralizing customer data from all of your communication channels.

Boost efficiency and productivity

CRM productivity solutions help you stay on track by notifying you when to send a follow-up email, providing client purchase histories, and allowing you to track transactions as they go through the sales funnel. Existing sales possibilities may be organized by month, amount, and probability of success. It’s also possible to find and monitor new sales opportunities. Because face-to-face meetings are removed, as well as mistakes and redundancies, service costs will be reduced.

Revenue and profits may be increased

CRM systems may help your organization generate more money as a consequence of the time saved by not having to worry about the minutiae of operating your business. By strengthening your relationships, you may increase your sales conversion rate and, as a consequence, your company’s profitability. You may utilize analytic tools to fine-tune each step of the sales cycle and redesign your strategy based on the patterns you notice in the data.

Less reliance

Team members would be able to work more autonomously if they had an all-in-one platform that provided quick access to information and comprehensive visibility on projects and tasks. There will be less hopping between apps and waiting for other team members’ answers. Everyone is relieved of bureaucratic burdens, enabling them to function at their best.

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Key features of startup CRM


CRM software that can be used from any location makes it easy to maintain your data current at all times. You should be able to log in without issue from any computer, laptop, or smartphone.

When it comes to designing an intuitive user interface, there’s a lot more to think about than just the aesthetics. A good CRM for startups should contain features that are simple enough that you and your team can use them straight away without any further training.

The capacity of Data Storage

CRM software must be able to accept a broad variety of storage solutions for your company to grow its database.

As your company grows and you have thousands of customers, providing personalized marketing and sales presentations will become increasingly challenging. A CRM system that allows for a lot of personalization is ideal.


You’ll need a mobile-friendly CRM system if you want your staff to be able to work from home.

Lead Scoring – The more information you have about your leads before they become customers, the more opportunities you’ll have to upsell and increase the customer’s lifetime value. Look for CRM software that incorporates lead scoring for free or at a minimal cost.

Which CRM start-ups have the best chance of succeeding?

Every new business is one-of-a-kind. The size of your organization, its goals, and its budget will all influence which CRM system is best for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best CRM software for startups based on the features and costs that any new business would need from a CRM system.


Effective marketing and sales solutions are available at EngageBay. It has a big impact on whether or not they are impressed enough by your business to become lifetime clients.

It’s straightforward, yet its wealth of options makes it irresistible. Among its many features are tools for building online forms and landing pages to create as many leads as possible, as well as tools for email marketing and email sequences.


  • Automating your marketing efforts, streamlining customer interaction, and even automating lead management are all possible with the Marketing and Sales Bays.
  • If you want to deliver relevant emails to a specific group of people, you may use drip campaigns.
  • With EngageBay, you can effortlessly interact with marketing-qualified prospects thanks to predictive lead scoring.
  • Live Chat allows you to communicate in real-time with your website visitors.
  • Emails, online forms, and landing pages may all be tested using A/B testing.
  • As a newbie, you can utilize EngageBay’s marketing automation solutions with ease!


EngageBay is easy to use and provides a large variety of functional options at a reasonable price. Using CMS integration modules, which is a generally useful platform, you may quickly administer and maintain your corporate website. They provide exceptional customer service, and if you need assistance, a technical team of pros is only a click away.


The EngageBay template comes with a limited amount of customization possibilities. Additionally, beginners may find it challenging and time-consuming to get familiar with the program’s functions.


The plans start at $10.39 per month per user


HubSpot CRM is without a doubt one of the most popular and frequently used CRM solutions in today’s competitive market. Its powerful mechanism and capabilities have had a big impact on its clients. The majority of clients are attracted to it since it is mostly free.

Customers may get up and running quickly using HubSpot’s basic platform without needing to make significant adjustments. Most of the features seen in other CRMs are also included in this one. It’s reasonable to conclude that HubSpot provides the best CRM integration environment available, which is something that the competition does not. It’s a fantastic piece of software that’s both flexible and powerful.


  • Lead management software
  • Calculation method for determining lead scores
  • Automated email and social media marketing
  • The use of social media as a platform
  • Keeping track of the sales process
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with colleagues and business associates
  • Collaboration tools for groups of people
  • Information-gathering dashboards


HubSpot is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a full marketing and sales solution. To boost your CRM core, you may leverage their website marketing solutions, like as popups and ad management tools, for free.


Consider a large firm with tens of thousands of customers on its target list. Because HubSpot’s bulk email sending plans are limited to 2,000, it may not be the ideal match for your requirements. However, with Enterprise, the maximum is raised to 10,000, but it is still limited to these settings. Furthermore, their reporting capabilities are extremely limited.


HubSpot plans start from $45 per month per user

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Customers like Pipedrive because it was created with minimal input and maximum output in mind.

The basic goal of PIPEDRIVE is to provide salespeople with a competitive advantage. You will have a clear view of sales and be able to operate more effectively if your organization is structured in this manner. PIPEDRIVE may be used to enhance any process.

  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Taking control
  • Data gathering, reporting, and analysis are all part of the process.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integration makes it easy to keep in contact with customers at every step of the purchasing process.
  • Following the passage of a lead through the pipeline, from Lead to Closed (Won or Lost)
  • Campaigns that include a click-to-call option in direct mail and email
  • A blog and a website may be linked together.
  • Social media marketing analytics
  • Reports on the sales funnel that is automatically produced and may be altered


Keap isn’t a typical customer relationship management (CRM) system. Native payments, appointment scheduling, and email marketing functionalities are implemented on top of a core contact and pipeline management system, blurring the boundaries between sales and marketing.

Keap makes it simpler to convert leads into customers and saves you time in the process by automating procedures and integrating payments. Keap’s user-friendly interface and a large selection of support options make it simple to get started.

With the Keap platform, you can start enjoying the benefits of email campaigns and automated triggers right now.


  • Marketing and sales automation software that is easy to use and understand.
  • Advanced segmentation, tagging, filtering, and custom displays let you keep track of your contacts.
  • An example of lead generation technology uses lead scoring, contact forms, or even intelligent search.
  • Automated email drip campaigns are used to guide potential customers through the sales funnel.
  • Customizable client data management notes and email integration
  • It’s possible to observe who is reacting to your marketing materials by using reporting tools such as email reports with clickable links.
  • Slack, for example, has an API that developers may utilize to build relationships.


When considering whether or not to finance a purchase, investors should look at Keap’s comprehensive email marketing skills first. In addition, the automated triggers and relative ease of use of this platform should be considered.


Let’s imagine your digital business requires the capacity to keep and report on an infinite number of contacts. As a consequence, you should avoid Keap, which lacks a lot of these features.


Their pricing schemes start from $79 per month per user

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Workbooks is a great CRM solution for small and medium-sized companies. Sales, marketing, customer care, and technical assistance are the primary areas of concentration for this company.

The absence of third-party tools and a big community of issue solvers is a key drawback. Salesforce or HubSpot might be better options if you want to access these features.


  • Program for Shared Success
  • Program for Shared Success
  • Plan with no strings attached
  • Services for Providing Customer Support


In terms of value for money, workbooks are exceptional since they provide greater capability for a lower cost than other software applications. You’ll also benefit from the complimentary consultation hours, which ensure that your company will grow as a result of their experienced guidance.


If your firm is reliant on several third-party connections to function properly, you should avoid Workbooks since it does not provide a marketplace for these integrations. While their free plan may entice users, the fact that it has a restriction on the number of individuals who may use it makes that plan unprofitable.


The pricing of Workbooks plans starts from $34 per month per user

Why You Need the Best CRM for Your Businesses

Entrepreneurs and new company owners need to invest in the finest CRM for startup companies. You’ll be able to have your company up and running in no time.

In addition to streamlining internal processes, CRM deployment may also improve the efficiency of dispersed or remote labor.

Your sales and marketing teams will struggle to reach their goals if they do not have access to a CRM system.

CRM software automates marketing processes like lead generation, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing (integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and more, saving your marketing team a ton of time each and every day.

With all the advantages your startup will get from a solid CRM application, making the investment makes sense.

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