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Explaining the Process to Migrate QuickBooks Online Data to NetSuite for Free

The world is rapidly evolving, bringing in tech-powered solutions that no one even thought were possible. Be it completing daily home chores or running a business, people today expect the highest levels of convenience and ease in everything they do, leading to an increase in the population of tech-savvy, modern consumers. These consumers expect businesses to run at their highest efficiency.

Considering the rapid tech transformation, there is no denying there; embracing technology is the only way to acquire success in the corporate sector.

Integrating QuickBooks is the most common approach for small-scale businesses and startups to stay ahead in this tech-driven world. This tool works amazingly to save a company’s time and resources in bookkeeping while minimizing the paperwork. However, this tool is suitable for small-scale companies. When these businesses begin to scale up and outgrow this tool, the right approach is to migrate QuickBooks online data to NetSuite.

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Signs Indicating it’s Time to Migrate

Business owners who integrate QuickBooks into their operations talk highly of this tool. The internal stability companies need to expand their setups is precisely what this tool offers. Easy-to-generate reports, efficient and simple user interface (UI), and automation of tedious bookkeeping tasks are some ways QuickBooks is helping businesses stay ahead of their game in this competitive sector.

However, there comes a time when this tool is not enough to support a company’s operations. Therefore, leading companies towards costly third-party integrations, bulk data mismanagement, manual work increase, and hindrance in business expansion operations. This is when you need to transfer QuickBooks online.

Here are some signs that indicate that your business has outgrown QuickBooks and needs to have a tool designed specifically for growing and large-scale businesses.

  • You have started using QuickBooks for operations it wasn’t built to support
  • You’re using other software or third-party integrations to make up for QuickBooks’s inefficiency in some areas
  • QuickBooks is running very slowly as the data for your company is increasing
  • Your month-end closing processing is taking longer than usual
  • You’re looking for ways to increase your user limit on this platform
  • Managing the expanding inventory is turning into a challenge
  • Increase in the number of manual tasks
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Understanding the Power of ERPs

QuickBooks is a package of accounting software, therefore, assists businesses to enhance the efficiency of finance and accounting teams. The purpose of this software package is to automate tedious tasks involved in completing bookkeeping operations. However, opting for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the best option for companies aiming to expand their setup.

ERPs are rapidly gaining firm ground in the corporate sector. Serving as a comprehensive solution for end-to-end business operations, they help companies streamline all operations while eliminating manual and tedious tasks.

When it comes to ERPs, there is no better option than Oracle NetSuite. This business management software suite is the world’s most popular ERP. Its popularity is spread far and wide, and it’s in use in almost every corner of the world.

Migrate QuickBooks Online Data to NetSuite, for Free

If you’re observing any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s high time that you move QuickBooks online to NetSuite. The best thing about this process is that it’s free.  

How you ask?

Here are some simple steps to help you migrate QuickBooks online to NetSuite without investing in the process.

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Step 1: Installation

The first thing you need to do is install the template for the integration of QuickBooks and NetSuite. How will you do this? Just navigate to integrator.io and enter ‘QuickBooks’ in the search bar. This will provide quick access to you.

Once you click the tile for QuickBooks, you will be able to locate the QuickBooks-NetSuite template for integration. You need to then click the button that says ‘install,’

Step 2: Configuration

After the completion of the first step, you need to move towards configuration. Once the installation window appears on your screen, you will have to click on ‘Configure’ for NetSuite Connection. Here, you need to enter the credentials for NetSuite. After this, you need to click on ‘Configure’ for QuickBooks Connection. Similar to the NetSuite Connection configuration, you need to enter the credentials for QuickBooks here.

Once you’re done with the configuration, you need to proceed to installation.

Step 3: Customization

With the completion of step 2, you will have installed the integration flows prebuilt to migrate QuickBooks online to NetSuite with ease and convenience. The next step is to customize the integration by tailoring it as per your organization’s needs and requirements.

The first thing you need to do here is to ensure all configurations and mappings are per your company’s requirements.

  • Tailoring of the imports/exports
  • Defining the criterion for lookup
  • Adjustment of mappings for imports
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Step 4: Running and Testing

The final step is, of course, the testing of the flow that you can do by running it.

Congratulations, now you can successfully proceed to move QuickBooks online to NetSuite without any hassle. Furthermore, there are a number of benefits that you’ll get to enjoy by getting this done, and there is no exaggeration.

  • Enhanced integration capabilities because of NetSuite’s compatibility with several accounting and CRM tools.
  • Efficient and effective data extraction and useability.
  • An undisturbed and streamlined workflow across the entire company.
  • Access to vast knowledge leading to efficient implementation and processing.
  • Supported automated system upgrades

QuickBooks is, without a doubt, a powerful tool for corporate entities. However, its benefits are usually limited to small-scale companies and startups. While choosing QuickBooks is encouraged for companies operating at a limited scale, it is recommended to migrate QuickBooks online to NetSuite once the operations expand.

Therefore, the sooner you identify the signs, the better it is for your company. Want to ensure a seamless migration? Partner up with Folio3 that excels in everything NetSuite as a Certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner.

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