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Get More Out of Your BigCommerce Site

In this day and age, what is the biggest challenge faced by any e-commerce site? It is most definitely the increasingly tough competition. In the current boom of e-commerce, new platforms are popping up every day, and thus every e-commerce store faces the struggle of how it can stand out.

The right software solution is an integral part of running any successful business. The use of ERPs like Oracle NetSuite is on the rise, as such technology is a sure way to equip any business with the tools to rise up and accomplish their goals amidst all the challenges they face. BigCommerce stores are no different and also need a reliable solution that will ensure efficient and successful business operations. While simply integrating the business in question with an ERP solution can go a long way to help in its development, this can still be taken a step further. Software companies are now offering connectors that can integrate your e-commerce storefront with your NetSuite back office, ensuring that these are working together seamlessly, helping your business reach its full potential. One example of such a solution is the BigCommerce NetSuite Integration Connector.

What are the advantages of a BigCommerce NetSuite Integration? This connector will work to ensure that your BigCommerce storefront can operate at its maximum capacity, ensuring a flourishing business. There are several available features that make this possible.

Better Operations Management

This connector works to optimize the operations management of any BigCommerce store. The single integration can handle many storefronts on one server, creating both ease and efficiency in managing a multi-location and multi-channel business. It automatically updates inventory information across different warehouses and stores on one system, eliminating errors in sales and providing both the stories and the customers with required data.

Furthermore, the automatic synchronization of data creates efficiency in terms of speed. Not only does it reduce the time spent manually entering and transferring data, but it also allows for much quicker order fulfilment. This increase in productivity ultimately results in enhanced sales, and thus your BigCommerce store can perform at its full potential.

Superior Customer Service

A BigCommerce NetSuite Integration allows for a BigCommerce store to ensure customer satisfaction through exemplary service. Not only does the data automation ensure that customer needs are fulfilled timely, but the elimination of manual data entry also reduces any room for error. Furthermore, an integrated BigCommerce store can provide a better shopping experience by providing the customers not only the necessary information to make informed decisions at every step of the buyer’s journey but also while tracking the order and reducing the need to constantly reach out to customer service representatives. Amidst the multitude of e-commerce platforms, customers are likely to gravitate towards any store which will provide them with a time-efficient system to complete their purchases.

Moreover, this integration can also provide additional options to customers. It has an efficient returns management system, processing requests and refunds promptly. It also supports multiple payment methods and currencies, so customers can choose whichever is convenient for them. All these features which enhance customer service will ensure a steady clientele, ensuring flourishing business for the BigCommerce store.

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Syncing your NetSuite back office with your BigCommerce site automates many tasks which were previously completed by employees. Tedious chores like manual data entry and transfer are no longer the responsibility of workers, leaving them more free time to focus on tasks pertaining to company growth and development. This will not only increase employee morale, consequently positively affecting productivity, but also have the more direct benefit of enhanced performance of the store brought about by a better allocation of resources.

Conclusion: Thus, integrating your BigCommerce store with NetSuite will bring about several changes that will improve the store’s performance. A more efficient operations management system, superior customer service, and greater employee satisfaction will all work together towards ensuring that your BigCommerce site is operating at its full potential.

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