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How Can NetSuite Training Benefit You – Facts Explained!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the greatest innovations in the corporate sector. First used in the 1990s, the concept of ERPs has been in the air since the 1960s. ERPs are a comprehensive solution that helps eliminate manual, tedious business management tasks, increasing employee productivity and company efficiency. They help establish a business that is well connected and also make it possible for companies to manage every aspect of their company from a single location. From procurement to order fulfillment and distribution, ERPs allow employees of a company to manage all data from a single database.

Inventory management, billing, sales, production, distribution, finance, accounting, and strategy development, ERPs are known to improve operations in every company department. Despite the many benefits, this business management tool gained popularity at a slow pace. Even today, many businesses are unaware of the power that ERP hold.

Developers have created many versions to make business management easy, simple, and convenient for business owners. From SAGE, Microsoft 365 to SAP, the industry offers various options for ERPs. Among them, one that has acquired firm ground in the industry is Oracle NetSuite. Born as a cloud-based ERP, this tool is the world’s most popular ERP, integrated into business operations all across the globe.

Adopting NetSuite: What Needs to be Done?

Many companies adopt different strategies and introduce new tools to their employees, hoping to enhance their productivity and, ultimately, overall performance. While revamping business management strategies and adapting to new technology to enhance a company’s efficiency is smart, it will not let you enjoy the desired results until you train the company.

Similarly, if you’re thinking about NetSuite implementation, you need to ensure that all employees in your company are aware of how to use it best. Integrating NetSuite will benefit your business in ways you did not even imagine, but without a trained team, you’ll never get to extract the full potential.

Want to extract full benefits with NetSuite implementation? Start training your team and see your business operations reach the highest peaks of efficiency.

Thinking about investing your resources in the training of this software is not worth it? Well, here are some benefits that will prove it otherwise.

Better User Adoption

Stop for a minute and ask yourself, ‘what’s even the point of investing your resources into integrating a tool if the team isn’t trained to use it?’


Imagine giving a toddler a pencil, and they will only chew on it until you teach them the proper use of that pencil. Similarly, if you wish that the tool you brought in benefits you, your employees, and the company, you need to train the team.

Not only will it make the NetSuite integration process simple and easy, but it will result in minimal downtime.

Maximized Productivity

As a business owner, you’re well aware of how time-consuming, and exhausting manual data gathering and processing can be – just a waste of resources, time, and employees. If you automate these tedious processes, you can use the same resources for other tasks that require attention and focus.

You won’t be able to use automation to its fullest if your employees have no idea how to work with NetSuite.

If your employees have to spend time on manual tasks even after NetSuite implementation, it will only be a total waste. Train your employees on NetSuite so that you can enjoy an overall productivity improvement.

Faster Time to Value

If you start training your team on NetSuite, you can achieve your set goals in a reduced timeframe. Initially, when you started your company, you set some goals and the expected time that you’ll need to complete that goal.

With NetSuite implementation, you can achieve your business milestones in a shorter timeframe and prepare for further growth.

But this faster time value comes when you prepare your entire team to use this intelligent tool the right way. There is no point in integrating software without having a team that understands its usage.

Eliminating Implementation Risks

One of the most significant reasons business owners are skeptical about NetSuite integration is its implementation risks. The implementation risks reduce to a bare minimum when the team using this tool is well-aware of the technicalities.

NetSuite implementation becomes seamless when you provide adequate training to your team members.

In addition to all these benefits, when you train your team prior to the integration of NetSuite, you encourage self-sufficient users. You’re not required to spoon-feed every employee individually. NetSuite is a powerful ERP, and its implementation can change the game for you.

While you hire NetSuite Development Services, such as Folio3, to streamline its integration, you can hold training sessions for the team. Want to integrate NetSuite into your business operations seamlessly? Folio3, a certified NetSuite Alliance Partner, is a perfect choice. Specializing in NetSuite customization, implementation, and integration, this company is known to help companies seamlessly integrate this smart tool into their operations regardless of their size and industry.

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