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How will syncing your Joor Store with NetSuite help?

With the help of NetSuite Joor Integration, you can extend your company’s operations.

A major online wholesale marketplace, Joor brings together some of the most well-known brands and sellers from all over the world in one location. The wholesale ordering platform, Joor, allows retailers and buyers to place orders from a variety of different brands on a single website, which simplifies the ordering process. 

Instead of assisting you in connecting with vendors such as JOOR, NetSuite assists you in streamlining your back-office and financial operations. NetSuite reduces the complexity of multichannel selling by providing a single source of truth from which to execute business operations.

Fashion eCommerce requires Joor and NetSuite, both of which are critical technologies to use. However, when used in tandem, they are considerably more effective.

Integration with the Joor marketplace, as well as the use of NetSuite’s operational capabilities, can assist you in the expansion of your company. Folio3’s NetSuite Joor integration link not only helps you to manage orders, inventory levels, and customers, but also allows you to develop efficiencies that offer you a competitive advantage in the Joor marketplace.

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Benefits of Syncing Joor Store with NetSuite 

When you have a seamless NetSuite Joor Integration, you can increase productivity, save time, and get more done with fewer resources.

Integrate Joor and NetSuite for seamless order, customer, and inventory management.

Comprehensive Customizations – as needed, add new features and workflows.


NetSuite products that are generated and/or changed will be synced to the JOOR platform.

Please keep in mind that items generated and/or edited inside JOOR will not be synchronized to NetSuite since the supported data flow pattern is reversed. Product adjustments performed inside the JOOR platform may be overridden by NetSuite inventory updates. While configuring inventories for this connection, please study the JOOR Product Details page.


New Orders

Sales Orders made on JOOR will be synced with NetSuite. Orders delivered to NetSuite can also be linked to a customer record in the system.

Product Variants/Children

Products with variants/children are supported; however, they must be correctly configured within NetSuite to allow for appropriate data sync.

Stock Control

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CartRover’s Inventory Sync routinely obtains inventory levels from NetSuite and sends these changes to JOOR to verify that the value for the Quantity Available of each sync’d product in NetSuite matches the Quantity Available in JOOR’s product library.

A Fashion Match

JOOR is a major online fashion wholesale platform that connects some of the world’s largest brands and merchants. JOOR was created to simplify the wholesale business by providing merchants and buyers with a convenient platform to place orders from numerous brands. While JOOR connects you to merchants, NetSuite works in the background to optimize your back-office and financial processes. NetSuite simplifies omnichannel selling by providing a single point of truth from which to work.

JOOR and NetSuite are both critical systems for fashion ecommerce. But when they operate together, they are much more effective.

Automated Data Sharing

When you combine NetSuite with JOOR, you create an automatic communication route between your ERP and your marketplace. Instead of manually entering data into several systems, you can manage everything through NetSuite, decreasing the possibility of human mistake. And, with up-to-date stock statistics automatically sent into JOOR, overselling becomes obsolete.

Aside from making administration and fulfillment easier, linking your systems allows you to provide a better client experience. Giving your customer care team access to marketplace orders in your ERP allows them to give faster, more personalized assistance to your consumers. Furthermore, with total visibility over your JOOR orders in NetSuite, you will be able to track the success of your various markets directly from your ERP.

Integration is the key to providing your clients with a uniform, consistent purchasing experience. 

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Improved Management and Analysis

NetSuite is a company management solution that allows in-memory aggregation as well as fast financial planning analysis and reporting. It also accelerates the operations associated with balance sheets and cash flow in a more precise manner while increasing accuracy and dependability.

Accelerated Development

NetSuite integration facilitates business growth and expansion across multiple locations, as well as various sales and cross-channels. Companies can conduct upsell and cross-sell operations efficiently. They can also generate increased growth by improving process effectiveness.

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