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Introducing Folio3 NStitch, CMT Solution, built on Top of NetSuite: Streamlining Apparel and Fashion Industry Operations


Most of us consider the brand, size, or color while shopping for new trousers or a jacket. Only some people know how much work is involved in producing clothing. The process of making garments typically involves five major steps:

  1. Product Design
  2. Manufacturing Planning
  3. Cutting Method
  4. Production and Quality Assurance
  5. Delivery

Each of these processes consists of several components, and problems might arise at any point during the manufacturing process, particularly given that the fashion sector is currently dealing with problems that impede growth and lead to inefficiencies within production lines. 

Manufacturing can be delayed, for example, by extra time and effort spent compiling reports and purchase orders for several suppliers and vendors, supply chain delays, a persistent problem for every business in a post-pandemic environment. In addition, managing the essential manufacturing processes manually will cause issues during the product development phase due to a lack of collaboration and communication. 

Worker mismanagement results in production-related quality problems. In addition, concerns about inventory management and demand forecasting can prevent things from being delivered on schedule once finished and transported.

What is the answer to these typical issues facing the apparel industry? A suitable technique. Clothing wholesalers and manufacturers want an intelligent ERP solution specifically adapted to their needs and provides clear visibility and control of all production processes across all departments at every stage of the process, from concept to actual product. We’ll discuss the Folio3 NStitch, CMT Solution that can help you solve these major issues.

What Exactly is Folio3 NStitch Solution?

NStitch is a cutting-edge software solution for Apparel manufacturing software that can assist clothing businesses in streamlining their production procedures, lowering costs, and boosting profits. It provides advantages, including optimizing production procedures, cutting costs, enhancing teamwork, managing inventories and orders, supply chain management, and real-time reporting to track Work-In-Process Jobs/Orders.

Features of Folio3 NStitch Solution

  1. Creation of Mass Production Order to meet all the production requirements for different colors and sizes into a single Job
  2. Definition of steps and routings, as to be followed during the production cycle. 
  3. Giving visibility for material planning and opportunity to create purchase order directly from the Job/Production Order. 
  4. Personalized reports can be generated for tracking WIP, Job Costing, Job Deliveries, Task Efficiencies
  5. Creation of Mass Production Order to meet all the production requirements for different colors and sizes into a single Job
  6. Recording of damages out of production process
  7. Functionality for performing Re-work on particular task
  8. Cancellation of the order can be recorded.
  9. Providing functionalities to handle both inhouse and outsource production processes with tracking of component inventory
  10. Supporting Full Package Production Process

Benefits of Utilizing Folio3 NStitch Solution in your Fashion and Apparel Business

Controlling inventory and sales orders

NStitch offers strong inventory and order management capabilities. Manufacturers can monitor inventory levels in real-time with NStitch, ensuring they always have the supplies needed to satisfy production demands. Additionally, NStitch’s order management features assist manufacturers in streamlining their order fulfillment procedures and guaranteeing on-time and complete delivery of orders.                                           

Simple to Use

Using a consolidated production order and a modern yet straightforward user interface, easy tracking of manufacturing steps, such as different sizes and colors.

Economic Production Planning 

Profitability can be increased by using an effective tracking module that analyses waste and damage sustained during production processes.

Reports Of Every Kind In A Few Clicks   

Create reports like WIP Status Reports, Cost Sheets, and Delivery Tracking Reports to help your AFA firm discover obstacles and make wise business decisions.

Latest Data Visualisation and Analysis Techniques

Manufacturers can monitor production processes and spot areas for improvement thanks to the real-time reporting and analytics capabilities offered by the NStitch Cut Make & Trim Solution. In addition, manufacturers can detect bottlenecks and inefficiencies using NStitch to produce comprehensive statistics on production efficiency, inventory levels, and order fulfillment rates.

Expense reduction and material efficiency improvements

By giving manufacturers real-time visibility into manufacturing processes, NStitch assists firms in improving product quality and productivity. Manufacturers can monitor manufacturing in real-time with NStitch, guaranteeing that goods are created to the highest standards. 

Additionally, manufacturers may identify areas for improvement in their manufacturing processes using NStitch’s comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling them to continuously improve product quality and efficiency.

Lowering expenses and waste

The NStitch Solution offers numerous solutions for producers to cut costs and waste. For instance, by automating production processes, its accounting and cost calculations, NStitch reduces the need for manual labor, which may be expensive and error-prone. Additionally, producers may optimize their material utilization, cut waste, and lower the cost of raw materials with NStitch’s sophisticated planning and forecasting skills.

Control and Management of the Supply Chain

NStitch offers advanced supply chain management and planning capabilities. Manufacturers can optimize supply chain operations by tracking production orders, inventory levels, and delivery timetables with NStitch. The risk of stock-outs and excess inventory is further decreased because NStitch’s superior planning capabilities assist producers in forecasting demand and planning production accordingly.


NStitch by Folio3 is an innovative and comprehensive Apparel Erp software that enables real-time reporting and analytics while reducing costs and waste. In addition, it may be used to streamline the operations of cutting, making, and trimming. Utilizing automation and technology with Folio3 NetStitch allows businesses to streamline their production processes while focusing on growth and expansion. 

If you work in the apparel and fashion manufacturing industry and want to gain a competitive edge, it’s time to consider NStitch as your go-to option. Therefore, use NStitch, a  cut, make, and trim manufacturing solution to grow your business quickly.

Our team is ready to help you deploy this unique system, so contact us immediately and streamline your processes with Saas Apparel Solution like never before.


What are the advantages of ERP for the fashion industry?

Quality and efficient assembly process: The manufacturing system in the apparel industry is extensive and lengthy, and problems can arise because there needs to be legal correspondence. ERP provides a solution by enhancing coordination by monitoring the inventory network.

What is ERP, and how can it benefit business?

Accounting, purchasing, financial planning and analysis, project management, risk management, and supply chain management are just a few of the everyday business processes managed by organizations using enterprise resource planning Apparel and Fashion ERP software.

What does OEM mean in the clothing industry?

The classic definition of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a business whose products are utilized as components in those of another business, which then sells the finished product to customers.

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