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Looking To Increase Your Rental Yield?

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NetSuite Property Management Solution is the Way to Go!

These last several months and years have been a particularly trying period for landlords. In the wake of regulatory and tax reforms, the buy-to-let real estate industry seems to be declining.

Many landlords are now wondering whether it’s worth staying in this business. But is that the case? Have the big guys and firms taken over? Do landlords have to go the extra mile to survive in this industry? Our opinion is that you don’t need to be as brilliant as you used to be to keep up with the times.

Landlords need to focus on the returns they obtain from their property investments. Even though it seems clear, many people fail to take notice of this fact. Keep reading to find five effective techniques to increase the rental yield of your properties.

Monitor the Expenditure

We’ll begin with something easy. Monitoring your expenses can help you better manage your cash flow. Instead of accepting renewal estimates for items like building insurance, compare your options. Avoid a whole year’s worth of expenses in this manner alone.

As a landlord, your greatest expense will likely be a mortgage, so you’ll want to pay special attention to it. It’s impossible to keep track of all the new mortgage offers and products that come into the market, and you can save a significant chunk if you keep an eye on the market. Also, make changes to something that better fits your current requirements.

Make Sure That the Renovations Are Done Correctly

People’s wants and requirements evolve with time. It’s possible to charge more for a rental if you know what your renters want and keep an eye out for their needs. Things used to be more about aesthetics than utility, but that all has changed. Even if your house still looks excellent, there are many additional strategies to entice renters who are prepared to pay a bit extra.

Things like the rising popularity of the remote working trend are good examples. Having high-speed internet and a dedicated workspace in your property may dramatically boost your income. You can make use of Folio3’s NetSuite Property Management Solution and make facility management convenient for both you and your tenant.

This NetSuite Property Management solution allows the tenants to create maintenance or support tickets with ease which will alert you if there are any problems with the renovations. You can then easily track and manage these tickets for maximum tenant satisfaction.

It’s also a good idea to go green. You can add value to your property by making it more environmentally friendly and charging a premium rental rate. Individuals who care about the environment and those who want to save money on their monthly utility bills can benefit significantly from a well-planned green renovation.

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Make a Change

Improving your house by making changes around it might prove a financially rewarding decision, but it will need considerable initial investment. In addition to bringing in more income, more bedrooms will also increase the home’s value as a whole. Also, making it a win-win situation for all parties.

Selecting the ideal renters for your property becomes easy when more bedrooms are available. Finding renters is not an issue in today’s environment, but finding the ‘right’ ones is becoming more difficult.

Having access to the broadest possible pool of tenants gives you more control over who you choose. It frequently results in more money and less hassle, and there isn’t much to not like about it.

Increase Storage Space

Considerable storage space is always an attractive aspect of renting properties, and increasing the storage space can change the game for landlords. The good news is that even minor changes may help improve the storage space available in a rental.

A cupboard in the bathroom is a good idea if it doesn’t already exist. If your primary storage cabinet has a few shelves and a lot of space, you may want to consider adding an organizer to make better use of the unused space. Additionally, do focus on increasing the kitchen storage.

It doesn’t take much additional consideration to make your property stand out from the rest when it comes to basic things like this. A tenant is always prepared to pay a little extra for a home that is designed smartly.

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Be Willing to Change Your Mind

It’s no secret that today’s renters are more likely to stay around for the long term, so being a bit more flexible than your competition may help you earn a higher profit. We’re talking about what type of flexibility? Even seemingly small steps, such as allowing tenants to decorate their apartments or keeping pets, can help increase the rental yield.

NetSuite Property Management solution can also play a key role here. It will allow your tenants to add tickets about the things they need to change, and you can see if you can cover its costs.

Due to the lack of available properties with these features, landlords who do provide them may seek a higher rental rate. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the many distinguishing characteristics will help you decide which characteristics are most appropriate for you as a landlord. Of course, the broader your pool of potential tenants, the more you’ll be able to give.

The Way We Can Help

Folio3 offers the most elite NetSuite Property Management Solution that can help you increase your rental yield for increased revenue possibilities. This solution does everything from creating properties, contracts, and facility management tickets to managing and tracking tenant cycle, finances, and accounts.


To add to the value of a rental property, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Before making investment choices concerning rental properties, most serious investors consider all of the components of these valuation methodologies. To begin investing in real estate, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of property value.

You may then use a mortgage calculator to get the best interest rate for your new house after you’ve identified a property that can bring in a handsome revenue. You’ll have more data to work with when considering a potential rental home if you use this tool. So, there you have it: five techniques to boost your rental income and make your portfolio more profitable. Your best bet is to invest in NetSuite Property Management Solution. Folio3 can help you with seamless implementation and integration of a customized NetSuite system for your real estate business and help you make maximum profits!

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