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NetSuite Administrator – A Good Career Option For You?

With the increasing automation trends, companies are gradually adopting cloud solutions, and NetSuite is one such platform. NetSuite is the well-integrated cloud business software suite that brings together ERP, eCommerce, accounting, and CRM in one place (a dream for every business and organization, right?). Now while there’s much demand for NetSuite administrator, it’s an emerging industry, and people are slowly getting attracted to it.

So, is NetSuite administrator a good career option for youngsters? Read this article below to decide!

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What Is A NetSuite Administrator?

NetSuite administrators are the people who manage the accounts (NetSuite accounts, to be precise). The administrators are the heart and soul of companies that have enforced NetSuite teams. NetSuite administrators are responsible for maintaining and configuring the NetSuite software for streamlining and maximizing the workflow. The NetSuite administrators work to achieve the business goals through tech solutions and software integrations.

This role demands versatility, and this role demands a person who can create, design, maintain, and integration the dashboards. The NetSuite administrators are the people who optimize the backend functions and create customizable and user-friendly dashboards. In addition, they are responsible for delivering ongoing technical support to the team members. For the most part, the NetSuite administrator has to a calm-headed person with analytical and problem-solving skills.

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What Does A NetSuite Administrator Do?

For the most part, NetSuite administrators are responsible for NetSuite account management while optimizing the software to meet the business needs. They are responsible for connecting, controlling, and coordinating the NetSuite teams and ensure ideal utilization of the systems. Generally, NetSuite administrators have to have a certification, along with organizational, problem-solving, and communications skills for getting the job done.

In some cases, the NetSuite administrator might collaborate with accounting management, inventory management, telemarketing partner, and RDI to improve the sales chart. Some of them also custom the alert systems for controlling the data entry errors and design the strategies for minimizing the data entry errors. NetSuite administrators are responsible for creating the weekly and daily reports which synopsize the real-time updates.

The businesses need cost-savings and cost-effectiveness, and NetSuite administrators have a role to play in that. For this purpose, they resolve the errors for eliminating the overtime. These administrators create the fields, workflow rules and customize the dashboards and reports for meeting the evolving needs of the organizations. In case the NetSuite administrator is working in the retail industry, they have to create the scripts for the warehouse team, hence the development of efficient functions.

The NetSuite administrators have a huge role to play in the financial part since they support the accounting department. To illustrate, they ensure accurate cogs and financial records. In addition, they are responsible for implementing regression testing. They have to collaborate with Suite app companies which leads to effective maintenance and implementation. In some cases, NetSuite administrators are likely to work with the marketing department to revise and maintain the website.

One of their top responsibilities includes leveraging SuiteFlow and associated tools for improving the end-user experience and create the reporting tools. NetSuite administrators are responsible for using saved search conditions for developing the workflows. They manage the roles and train the power users on the dashboard. To summarize, they often with developers for making changes in coding and optimize the end-product testing and finalizing.

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How To Become A NetSuite Administrator?

NetSuite administrators have to have knowledge of the business management suite through development and expansion. The administrators must be able to educate the end-users regarding current and future features and functionalities. This might sound simple but is extremely daunting since NetSuite keeps expanding and modifying the new features. However, becoming the NetSuite administrator will help validate and deepen the knowledge.

If you are concerned about how to become the NetSuite administrator, there are basically two exams to take for beginners. Generally, the first exam is the SuiteFoundation exam which validates and confirms NetSuite’s core knowledge. Then, the second exam is about NetSuite administrator certifications. There are more than six hundred testing centers available around the globe. In addition, the interested candidates can also take the online proctored exam, but it needs an external camera.


The first step to become the NetSuite administrator is preparing for the exams. There are online training options available for the NetSuite administrators. It is better to start with the essentials training, but if you have the basic knowledge, you can opt for the fundamentals course (it provides the brush-up training to the candidates). Besides, the candidates should be aware of SuiteAnalytics searches and reports, SuiteCloud development, and SuiteFlow workflow.

As far as preparation is concerned, the users can take online courses for self-study. However, there are live virtual classes available as well. So, there are multiple training options available, so candidates can choose the convenient option.


Now that you have prepared for the exams, you need to apply for the exams. You have to apply for the NetSuite administrator exam. Keep in mind that the certification exams will test the practical as well as theoretical knowledge regarding NetSuite. However, it’s best to have management and configuration experience of one year before taking the exam.


Once the candidates receive the essential skills and have applied for the exam, you can take the administration exam preparation course because it helps review the knowledge. Besides, the course allows the candidates to validate the NetSuite knowledge before taking the exams. However, when you complete the study review course, it’s best to take the exam within a week or a month, at best.

Importance Of Certification 

The certification exams help candidates determine the weak areas and focus on them. It’s best to create the user guide and cross-reference the SuiteAnswerts and Help for proper knowledge testing. Taking the certification exams helps the candidates validate the NetSuite information. In addition, learning these modules and study guides aids in executing the regular NetSuite functions. For the most part, certification will improve the confidence and decision-making process regarding NetSuite functions.

For the most part, certification is a continuous process, and the candidates need annual quizzes that help verify the knowledge. Also, the annual quizzes ensure that candidates are aware of features of new NetSuite features. Secondly, there are rewritten certification title exams after every three years. That being said, the individuals and companies will be assured that NetSuite knowledge is updated. Even more, it reduces the need for third-party services support.

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NetSuite Administrator Training – How To Get NetSuite Administrator Certification

To begin with, certifications are suitable for setting measurable goals for the consultants. Besides, the stakeholders will know that they are working with experienced NetSuite administrators. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that certifications provide confidence and the prospect to progress with the projects. It improves credibility and boosts knowledge. So, if you want to get the NetSuite administrator certifications, follow the steps mentioned in the section below;

Selecting The Correct Certification

When it comes down to the NetSuite certifications, there are seven of them available for developers, administrators, and consultants. However, the administration section has five certifications inclusive of the following;

  • Administrator – it helps learn the regular application optimization and management
  • SuiteFoundation – this is the base-level certification for consultants, administrators, and developers
  • SuiteCommerce developer – it has solutions development practices for commerce applications
  • SuiteCloud developer – it has deployment and development solutions for customization and extension of NetSuite
  • ERP consultants – it is about configuration, implementation, and customization of NetSuite solutions and integrations such as shopify, magento, ebay, bigcommerce

Training & Practicing 

NetSuite has an extensive range of resources that help candidates prepare for the certification tests. The certification description tends to outline the prerequisites and suggest the training classes. There are two-day courses available to prepare for the certification exam. In addition, there are study guides with which you can practice the NetSuite features just like intacct.

Read our detailed intacct vs netsuite comparison guide.


While considering the certification, it’s best to skim through the FAQ section of the certification pages to gain guidance. Even more, you can research on Google regarding different perspectives of NetSuite certifications because it improves the preparation. In addition, we suggest that you sign up for the LinkedIn group of NetSuite certified people.


Once you are ready to take the certification exam, you will have multiple options. First of all, you could sign up for the in-person exam at the testing centers. On the contrary, you can also sign up for the online proctored exams. The users can take the pre-event training tests as well. That being said, you can take the preparation classes, training courses, and certification tests before the main certification test event. After the completion of the exam, you will get to know the results instantly.

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NetSuite Administrator Salary

On average, the NetSuite administrators in the US are getting paid around $92,996 on an annual basis. This average salary comes down to around $44 per hour. That being said, the minimum NetSuite administrator salary is $56,000, while the maximum salary goes up to $138,500. Since it’s still a new field, the chances of salaries increasing in the upcoming future are higher. In addition, the salary will increase with higher experience, location, and skill level.

Improving The Advancement In NetSuite Administrator Career

Diversifying The Skillset 

The businesses prefer the candidates who have the eagerness to learn and expand their skillsets. If you want to become a successful NetSuite administrator, you have to be highly skilled because knowing only one skill is not the right approach. When it comes down to the NetSuite administrators, they need to have financial skills and business-oriented skills. However, if you want to make it big in this career, you need to increase the horizons of your skills and talent.

Keeping Up With The Latest News 

For the most part, working in the NetSuite community demands you to understand the different mechanics of the job. NetSuite is one product that keeps advancing and evolving. That being said, to improve in the career, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends and news in the NetSuite industry. That being said, you must know the latest features because it expands the knowledge on different features. In addition, learning about new features will deliver opportunities for solving specific issues.

Understanding Your Personal Value 

When the NetSuite professionals know that they are qualified, it improves their confidence, and they eventually feel valuable. NetSuite administrators must understand the importance of their achievements in the industry. Besides, you can reflect specific responsibilities that you have done for the employers. Also, you must understand the career-related milestones that you’ve achieved in the industry because it eventually helps determine your value in the NetSuite market.

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Development Of Soft Skills 

Sure, the NetSuite industry demands technical skills but developing and honing the soft skills is equally important. This is because soft skills can help advance the career, and you will progress. For instance, if you want to get a promotion, you must look for the technical expertise perquisites of the companies. It’s best to prepare a list of soft skills and find online courses for them. It’s suggested to opt for the certified courses.

Remote Working 

In some cases, even the most experienced and skilled NetSuite administrators are unable to get the promotion. So, there are times when you will need to opt for remote working or move to another location. In simpler words, you have to expand the job searching irrespective of the geographical location. To summarize, there is nothing wrong with relocation or working remotely for career growth and gaining new opportunities.

Keep Looking For Opportunities 

Sure, you don’t want to switch jobs, but it’s still a great idea to keep a tab on available opportunities. This knowledge of opportunities will ensure that you can reflect on your skills and see if they match the current needs of the NetSuite industry. Besides, this information about opportunities will empower you to get promoted at the current employer. Even more, it ensures that you are aware of the current happenings of the NetSuite ecosystem.

So, Is NetSuite Administrator A Good Career?

To summarize, NetSuite administrator is a good career option if you want to grow in your career and love to improve and hone your technical skills. In all honesty, the career provides room for growth since NetSuite keeps improving and expanding, so you can keep learning and grow exponentially!


What is Included in the Job Description of a NetSuite Administrator?

The job description for a NetSuite Administrator usually varies from company to company but generally these responsibilities can be part of job description of any NetSuite administrator

  • User and data management
  • Configuration and customization of NetSuite to fit business needs
  • Workflow design and implementation
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • System upgrades and patch management
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Liaising between different departments and the technical team
  • Ensuring data security and compliance

What Topics NetSuite Administrator Training Would Cover?

NetSuite Administrator training programs are courses that would equip with skills that are important to manage NetSuite platform effectively. The topics usually covered in NetSuite administrator training are:

  • Basic and advanced NetSuite functionalities
  • Data management and reporting
  • Customization techniques
  • Best practices for administration

Training is available in the form of online courses, in-person training sessions, or through resources provided by NetSuite itself.

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