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NETSUITE: How to create Advanced PDF/HTML Template in other language?

In this blog, I will be showing you how you can change/add a new language in your advanced PDF Layout. With the help of some quick changes in our PDF Layout code you can achieve it.


– NetSuite Account
– Knowledge of Advanced PDF
– Knowledge of BFO Tags
– Knowledge of Freemarker


This article will not cover the PDF creation part, assuming that you are familiar with it and freemarker.

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For Instance, let’s assume Arabic language as our other language that we want in our layout. Also, let’s assume that there is a PDF Layout which needs to have Arabic text/characters on it.

Default Behavior

By default, ‘NotoSans’ and English fonts (Regular, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic) are available on the pdf layout. If Arabic text is used without importing Arabic font-family the layout won’t show anything in the layout. It will show blank space.

Expected Result

To have a pdf layout in NetSuite which have some text in Arabic font-family.

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Step 1

Enable Advanced PDF/HTML Template from ‘Enable Features’.

Step 2

Download that font family from google-fonts and place the .ttf file in NetSuite’s file cabinet. Separate files will be available for regular, bold, italic and bold-italic fonts. You can refer then all in you pdf.

Step 3

Copy the link of that file from file cabinet and refer that file in you advanced pdf.

Step 4

Use ‘link’ tag to refer that font-family in you pdf layout in ‘head’ tag. After this you can use Arabic font anywhere in you pdf.

Here is the piece of snippet to that.

<link name=”arabic” type=”font” subtype=”opentype” src=”FONT_URL” src-italic=”ITALIC_FONT_URL” src-bold=”BOLD_FONT_URL” srcbolditalic=”BOLDITALIC_FONT_HERE” bytes=”2″ />

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