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NetSuite Integration – All You Need To Know in 2020

Ever heard about NetSuite Integration? If not then you are missing out on some major information. But no need to feel bad about it because we have got you covered!

What is Netsuite?

The NetSuite, also regarded as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, is basically a cloud-based self-operating platform for businesses. It enables organizations to grow smarter and operate faster. It incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), payroll and human resource management, order management, warehouse and inventory management, service resource planning and much more.

ERP platforms like NetSuite provide a number of advantages to large scale companies as they allow them to store all their data in one place with zero per cent of errors and inefficiencies that can be caused by manual entry of data and switching between applications.

You can call it a one-stop solution for managing all your business operations. It is a cloud-based and multi-tenant ERP solution that is hosted by NetSuite and is provided through a subscription model. For many small scale companies, ‘pay-as-you-go’ works best as it requires a low initial investment, enabling them to put all their focus in setting things up properly and not on maintaining and maintain software. Within NetSuite, you have all your data stored in one place so that you can access it instantly.

A surprising fact is that over 40,000 business organizations across the globe are using it. It has been successful in upholding a progressive approach through the provision of application integrations and extensions for various existing systems. This efficient technology platform gives an added benefit to its consumers, developers, and partners to Modify NetSuite according to the specific needs of their business.

What is NetSuite Integration APIs?

Application Program Interfaces or APIs are basically a collection of routines, protocols, and tools used in the development of software applications. NetSuite APIs would help any business to integrate its existing legacy or cloud-based systems with NetSuite. 

These NetSuite APIs are used to make existing systems compatible to work hand in hand with the NetSuite. There are multiple APIs available for different systems and websites, including Salesforce integration, Amazon integration, and various others.

NetSuite Integration Use Cases

For example, you have a system integrator or a Software as a service (SaaS) application, and some of your customers are NetSuite users. These customers will surely expect integration and data synchronization of your application with NetSuite. But when it won’t work, they will be quick to switch to some other vendor.

Considering this, we would like you to have a deeper dive into some NetSuite integration use cases that can trigger an integration with NetSuite.

  • Lead to Customer 

You can connect and sync the contact information or lead with NetSuite in order to maintain an uninterrupted connection and track them from the lead stage to when they become your customers. This is how businesses grow by securing more clients.

  • Quote-to-Cash

It can help businesses to monitor all their sales, from the deals that are at quote stage to those that are already won or closed.

  • Staff Record in a Single View (Hire-to-Retire)

Building a single view record of an employee is possible by synchronizing the employee’s data from other platforms and systems. All information of an employee from his name to hire dates can be seen in a single view without having to switch from one system to another.

NetSuite Integration Industries

Here is a list of industries that are using NetSuite integration services for the sake of smooth workflow and enhancement in business. The list is given below:

  • Retail business
  • IT services
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Professional services
  • Finance business and services including banks and insurance companies
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital and conventional marketing services
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Media houses and publishing agencies
  • Education 
  • Energy

Being an exceptionally advanced cloud-based software, NetSuite eliminates the need for investing in an on-premise solution’s infrastructure. Its ability to being customized according to a business’s requirements makes it perfect for almost all kinds of business organizations. Moreover, it allows you to add required functionalities from a library that has a variety of third-party Suite apps including change management, shipping integration, etc.

NetSuite Integration Tools

NetSuite offers a comprehensive cloud platform named Suite Cloud for integration and customization of NetSuite as per requirements. Some specific components of Suite Cloud used in the integration of NetSuite are listed below

Suite Script

Suite Script is a framework built on JavaScript programming language for portable and rapid development of customized integration solutions. Suite Script is employed to do application-level script throughout the NetSuite. This integration tool ensures the creation of a flexible integrated environment to meet specific business requirements. Developers can use this tool to integrate and develop new applications for the smooth workflow.

Suite Talk

Suite Talk is an integration technology based on standards that use CSV, SOAP, and REST web services for the integration of NetSuite with various third-party and in-house applications. It can be used to create a website for NetSuite integrations. It can also be used to create efficient and customized mobile applications.

It can be used to integrate NetSuite REST API and other direct to API integrations. Regardless of the fact that a business possesses an integration software already or not, Suite Talk is a handy tool to create a way for exchanging data, smooth workflow and transactions. It is a perfect solution to create a unified system for the management of the business.

These two tools are offered by NetSuite for integration. Some other 3rd party cloud integration platforms which could be ideal for the integration of NetSuite with a variety of existing systems are Boomi by Dell, Integrator.io by Celigo, and Jitterbit.

Challenges in NetSuite Integration for Business

Here are some challenges for businesses looking to integrate NetSuite ERP for smooth working:

  • The cost could be a significant challenge. Big organizations can bear the expenses of their own ERP system. NetSuite is ideally used for small and medium business entities who might be unable to take the costs of integration of NetSuite with their existing systems.
  • There are specific technical issues that increase the complexity of the process of integration of NetSuite. This increase in complexity also demands a rise in expenses and infrastructure, which could be a problem for certain organizations.
  • Although NetSuite APIs are offered, integration may not work in favour of business because of competency issues in an organization. This could further lead to consequences involving the loss of a client or crucial information, which could be costly.
  • Integrations with SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are of evolving nature. NetSuite APIs might also change over time, which might affect the workflow of NetSuite for a business.

Challenges in APIs Integration of NetSuite

Here are some potential challenges faced with NetSuite API Integration:

  • SOAP protocol may become a challenge. If a business has implemented HTTPS and REST in its applications and system, then there is a need to write scriptlets for the conversion of NetSuite’s SOAP protocol to REST to support HTTPS calls.
  • NetSuite offers both types of integration i.e., token-based and basic authentication which involves providing usernames and passwords. It depends on the company to select any or both of the authentications.
  • NetSuite provides just 1 API call for a single user account at a time. There would be a need to develop a solution that could make sure the gating of API calls for each or any user account.
  • There are asynchronous NetSuite APIs available for bulk transfer of data. This might help while moving data in large amounts. There is a strong need for understanding of NetSuite queries which use SOAP API calls.
  • There is no built-in functionality in NetSuite for webhooks and other polling-based frameworks. Businesses need to build a framework for this purpose. This might also involve the management of event queries vs. API requests due to the concurrency limitations.

How Folio3 NetSuite Integration Services Help You

There are many renowned IT development service providers, and one of them is Folio3. It has substantial expertise in providing integration services for NetSuite. Whether you are planning to integrate with a website or CRM system, the NetSuite integration team at Folio3 can provide you with excellent solutions for smooth workflow and automation of tour business.

Here are some of the NetSuite integration services provided by Folio3:

  • Folio3 offers services for the integration of NetSuite with a variety of other CRM systems of any type, whether they are legacy or cloud-base. Some salient features of integration of NetSuite with other CRMs include two-way synchronization of customer, contact, account, sales order and billing info are transferred across various CRM systems seamlessly. An example of this is the integration of NetSuite with Salesforce.
  • Our integration services also include the integration of NetSuite with external websites, web stores, and portals. It enables businesses to make use of real-time synchronization of sales orders, customer info, inventory, item details, and billing information with the help of NetSuite.
  • Integrating NetSuite with various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay would help in simplifying the sales process across different marketplaces. Folio3 also helps in integrating NetSuite with e-commerce platforms. This would help companies to enjoy real-time synchronization of inventory, item details, sales order, customer info, fulfilment, and shipping details.
  • We provide BFN (Built for NetSuite) certified integration connectors as well in addition to custom integration services. Some integration connectors offered by Folio3 are NetSuite Salesforce connector, Magento connector , NetSuite WooCommerce integration connector and NetSuite Amazon integration connector. These connectors require minimum time for implementation and an affordable price tag for ease of businesses.
  • You can also avail Middleware based integration services using third-party tools like Boomi and Jitterbit as well.
  • Moreover, we offer the integration of NetSuite with other systems and applications that require bulk and batch processing jobs synchronization and data of order processing and EDI systems.

Folio3 is your Best NetSuite Integration Partner

At Folio3, you will receive the best range of NetSuite integration solutions. With over 8 years of experience in NetSuite customization, the experts at Folio3 can offer you reliable assistance with any kind of required customization.

Folio3 is one of the leading partners of SuiteCommerce Advanced in the partner’s portfolio of NetSuite. And due to their richness in experience, you can avail of all sorts of NetSuite development services. Their team of qualified experts will help you with all your NetSuite implementations and we will do it within your budget.


NetSuite is an intelligent system. Its capability of holding everything in one place makes it an exceptional and perfect choice for all businesses. It enables its users to work efficiently and make decisions faster. 

It’s a powerful, single application that encapsulates e-commerce and CRM capabilities. And for partners, it offers self-service portals, allowing business organizations to collect and connect fragmented data.

Using NetSuite is simple. Implementations with NetSuite is inexpensive and faster as compared to traditional business apps. Phased Implementation, according to your organization’s needs, can be enabled by modularity. Using NetSuite automatically reduces your overall cost of ownership as it is an on-demand web-based solution.

NetSuite is one of the leading ERP systems used across the globe by a variety of industries. Integration of NetSuite is a challenging and time-consuming task which requires exceptional expertise because any flaw in the integration of NetSuite could prove costly.

NetSuite APIs like NetSuite web services API and SuiteTalk API, pave the way for smooth NetSuite APIs integration. Some integration tools offered by NetSuite are SuiteTalk and SuiteScript, which are amazing tools for the seamless integration of NetSuite.

Some technical and financial challenges are also there, which could be costly if not considered before the process. One of the significant business challenges is this system and process is quite expensive. The conversion of SOAP to Rest while making HTTPS calls could be a challenge as well, a separate infrastructure could be built to address this issue.


  • What is Jira NetSuite integration?

Jira is a leading work and team management tool for any kind of use case. NetSuite could be integrated with Jira using the NetSuite connector to have a unified view of the team and work management. This brings more smoothness in workflow and improves processes.

  • How to set up NetSuite integration using web services access role?

It is a simple step. All you have to do is to choose ‘Setup’ and then click ‘Company’ and then enable features. Now go to the tab of SuiteCloud and check the box with the text ‘Web Services’.  

  • Does NetSuite integrate with Salesforce? 

Yes, NetSuite can be integrated with Salesforce which is a leading CRM software system using NetSuite Salesforce integration connector.

  • Does NetSuite integrate with Shopify?

Yes, NetSuite can be integrated with Shopify, which is a leading CMS e-commerce platform using the NetSuite Shopify integration connector.

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