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NetSuite OpenAir – User Guide and Login Steps Explained Here

NetSuite OpenAir is one of the leading professional services automation (PSA) software developed to assist businesses of all sizes and shapes including; services-based companies and technology product companies to streamline workflow processes and systems. The OpenAir NetSuite PSA is fully compatible with all major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, offering better and easier integration solutions for businesses with existing ERP infrastructure.

The NetSuite OpenAir enables businesses to effectively run core operations including; project management, project accounting, resource optimization, billing, time management, revenue recognition, expense management, and others. The software brings end-to-end automation for core business functions, delivering better visibility to the performance metrics, as well as, offering real-time performance insights, to improve project profitability, and maximize productivity by making well-informed data-backed decisions.

NetSuite OpenAir Benefits for Startups, Businesses, and Enterprises

NetSuite OpenAir brings in various features and functionalities for businesses of all sizes and shapes including shopify ecommerce businesses. By bringing in real-time insights into the various performance metrics, the software enables enterprises to maximize their resource utilizing, while also significantly lowering the IT costs for the project. For small businesses, OpenAir NetSuite brings in powerful project accounting tools to assist in streamlining the revenue recognition, as well as, improving the invoicing accuracy, all the while improving the visibility for the performance metrics.

NetSuite OpenAir also enables SMEs, large enterprises, and eCommerce stores to get remote access to crucial business data; anytime and anywhere through the cloud. Even for large global enterprises, NetSuite OpenAir brings in real-time access to all crucial business functions like multi-taxation, multi-currency, multi-subsidiary, and multi-language features. Needless to say, it brings in all the features and functionalities required by businesses of all sizes with easy NetSuite OpenAir user guide to effectively manage projects; irrespective of their physical location, as well as, ensure invoicing in local currency with easy accounting solution; all build-up in one unified platform or mobile app.

OpenAir NetSuite modules

Some of the worth-mentioning NetSuite Modules include;


OpenAir enables businesses to manage timesheets remotely from anywhere. The users can get access to enter time-sheets and approve timesheets remotely through the browser and an internet connection. The timesheet functionality also enables businesses to effectively manage the projects by keeping up with project status, as well as, comparing weekly progress, and comparing key deliverables. The users are also able to add comments or descriptions in the timesheet for enhanced clarity and real-time updates of project performance.

Resource Management

To ensure easy and effective global resource management, OpenAir brings in state-of-the-art features that enable directors and managers to manage resources effectively. The resource management feature in OpenAir enables decision-makers to analyze project requirements in real-time and allocate required resources based on various filters including time frames for optimal project management and efficiency.

Expense Management

The expense management module of OpenAir NetSuite enables businesses to streamline the end-to-end cycle of expense management including; reporting, approval, submission, and others. The module can also be integrated with project accounting and invoicing modules for accurate and fast expense management.

Project Management

The project management module is meant to assist project managers in effectively collaborating and tracking team members on projects. The module enables easy tracking of all performance indicators including project status, KPIs, and key deliverables in real-time. NetSuite OpenAir project management module also brings high-value features to identify and resolve potential bottlenecks in the project. Thus, effectively ensuring smooth and timely completion of projects. Some of the benefits of the project management module include;

  • Timely delivery of project
  • Project completion within budget
  • Enhanced client engagement

Reports and Dashboards

To ensure transparency and openness across all business operations, NetSuite OpenAir brings in robust reporting and analytical tools. The analytical and reporting tools are fully integrated with all other modules of the NetSuite OpenAir, to ensure real-time and on-demand delivery of interactive reports. All the analytical reports can be accessed by managers or executives through a unified and intuitive dashboard. Thus, helping in timely and data-backed decision making. Some of the key features include;

  • Predictive reporting
  • Graphical reporting
  • Intelligent reporting

Invoicing and Billing

NetSuite OpenAir allows easy and efficient management of project finances with its invoicing and billing module. The module enables users to initiate the bidding process with detailed tracking for time and expense. Thus bringing in greater transparency for client billing. NetSuite OpenAir’s robust features also allow remote management of all these tools and processes from across the world.

Project Budgeting

The project budgeting module from NetSuite OpenAir enables managers to track detailed cost budgeting for projects. The module also enables financial advisors to make initial budgeting forecast for the project and keep track of the actual costs, while comparing to changing scenarios. The project budgeting module brings in powerful tools for comprehensive management of the project’s financial needs.

What are the features of NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is the world’s leading Professional Services automation software that brings in powerful features and functionalities to streamline core business operations. Some of the notable features of the software include;
Pre-Packaged NetSuite OpenAir integration
Analytics Dashboard
Mobile access
Revenue Recognition
Data import/Export
Security Developer API
Timesheet Management
Skill Profile Management
Sales Collaboration
Reporting and Dashboards
Customer Billing and Invoicing
Project management
Expense Management
Labor Cost Reporting
Resource Management

What are the pricing models for NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is being offered in two separate pricing models, both offered on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription for NetSuite OpenAir starts from $399 per month. The software also offers a free trial version, which is great to check out the functionalities, implementation and compatibility of the software. Two separate versions of NetSuite OpenAir includes;
Professional Suite; is being marketed for SMEs and comes with a base price of $399/month plus $49/user monthly.
Enterprise Suite; the enterprise suite is meant for large enterprises and global conglomerates for optimal resource management. The subscription package for the suite starts with a base price of $899 per month plus $49/user monthly.

Who uses NetSuite OpenAir?

The NetSuite OpenAir software is equally effective for businesses of all sizes and shapes including; non-profit organizations, large enterprises, and SMEs.

Which languages are supported by NetSuite OpenAir?

The NetSuite OpenAir software supports various major languages including;

Which mobile devices are compatible with NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is compatible with all mobile devices and supports all major operating systems including;
Mobile Web App

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