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Netsuite Outage & Status – The Effect of Netsuite Service Outages Explained

NetSuite is a business ERP providing its users with a unique singular solution for all of their business needs.

From functionalities to integration, it is surely a true mature ERP system as compared to other options available in the market that are providing the same functionalities.

What is a NetSuite Service Outage and What Does it Mean?

NetSuite service outage is when the software is down or is not loading. People also reported problems in logging in and searching and entering valuable data.

 There have been many incidents in the past where the NetSuite service outage was down.

Recently when the vendor-cloud-based software was down operations engineers were alerted as some users were facing log-in problems.

You can be alerted about these NetSuite service outages via email or SMS if you are using a website to check the status such as StatusGator.

Alternatively, you can NetSuite status page to know if there is a NetSuite outage.

However, keep in mind that there are times when you have issues using NetSuite despite the NetSuite status page stating the service is up.

This might not be due to the NetSuite outage.

This can be due to numerous factors ranging from technical issues or misconfiguration on your side to a localized issue with a small group of accounts.

How NetSuite Service Outage Status Has Impacted Businesses in the Past?

There have been times when the users faced a NetSuite outage for up to seven hours.

This can be extremely difficult to deal with because NetSuite acts as the backbone of your business.

From finance teams to HR, none of the departments was able to perform due to the outage.

Though according to updates this problem was isolated to the east coast customers in the USA, NetSuite is yet to release any statements regarding the issue.

You can find out more about how NetSuite outage status idled the finance departments on this link.

How to Check Oracle NetSuite Service Outage?

There are several ways to stay updated on NetSuite outage status.

Some of the most commonly used and effective ways include checking the status on either netsuite.com, downdetector.com, or statusgator.com.

These are explained briefly here.

Challenges of NetSuite

There are two sides to a coin.

NetSuite despite being one of the top ERP systems has several setbacks.

It is always better to know the pros and cons of an ERP system before integrating it.

NetSuite is now owned by Oracle. This may seem like a big advantage but many companies deem it as a setback.

Some companies don’t like to work with Oracle due to several factors.

Complexity is one of them.

Oracle relatively has complicated pricing and contract structures that are difficult to work with.

Many companies particularly in the manufacturing industries find it hard to get the right fit for NetSuite specifically in terms of functionalities.

When it comes to complex engineers to order and/or heavy project management, the functionalities offered by NetSuite are not as robust as that of other systems in the marketplace.

The implementation model of NetSuite is also quite risky to work with.

In the past, NetSuite had a call center type of support model.

The companies that implemented NetSuite had to schedule an hour-long training/coaching session over the call.

The NetSuite team would then brief them about implementation and how the system is to be setup.

This support system can be extremely difficult to work with especially for the companies that lack the required technical skills and maturity needed for NetSuite implementation.

Furthermore, there are potential hidden costs.

It is important to know not only the cost of licensing but also the cost you would have to pay in the future in terms of users, modules, functionalities, and increased data transactions just to name a few.

Another challenge that users tend to face with NetSuite is the inflexibility of the platform.

NetSuite being a cloud-based solution is not as flexible as other on-premise systems.

This can be a benefit for small businesses and new start-ups looking forward to standard policies to scale their businesses.

However, this is not as feasible and flexible for large and complex organizations as they need it to be.

Change of management can also be a bit hurdle for NetSuite users.

Many organizations go through massive and a certain degree of change in their organization over time.

Due to the lack of flexibility, it is hard to deal with these challenges.

You cannot make changes as easily in NetSuite software as you can with other software.

As a result, businesses will have no choice but to, by definition, change the management and staff accordingly to fit the technology.

This will put pressure and an added risk to the operational and organizational perspective of your company.

One of the strongest points of NetSuite is its sales marketing.

Though a company can be successful in just 90 days of implementing NetSuite, it is not always the case.

Your organization has to adapt and learn about the new technology at hand.

Not only this but you need to find the right people that fit the technology well.

This ‘sweet success’ usually takes longer than 90 days and is a bit far-fetched from reality.

Lack of advanced modules is another problem many NetSuite users face.

NetSuite has amazing core functionalities such as accounting, CRM, basic inventory management, basic manufacturing, and warehouse management just to name a few.

However, the same is not true for more advanced areas such as business intelligence and real enterprise performance management.

Another area where NetSuite struggles is the advanced warehouse.

In terms of advanced processes such as cross-docking in multiple warehouses and pick-pack shipment processes, NetSuite is unable to keep up with the pressure test.

The same problems are faced with advanced manufacturing and human capital management.

Advanced planning or forecasting is another weak point of NetSuite.

However, the biggest problem many users recently faced was of NetSuite outage.


Due to the ever-increasing competition in the business industry, every minute is a value able asset.

 NetSuite, despite all of its top-notch qualities has many setbacks mentioned above. NetSuite outages such as the ones mentioned above can potentially cost businesses a fortune.

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