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How to Integrate NetSuite With Salesforce | Complete Guide

Be it NetSuite or Salesforce, both of them are known to be the leading SaaS providers. It’s safe to say that Salesforce is more commonly known for its CRM solution, while NetSuite is highly reputed for its ERP or backend solutions. With the utilization of Salesforce and NetSuite as individual platforms, the users can greatly improve the management of various business systems, operations, and associated processes without compromising on the effectiveness. Needless to say, NetSuite Salesforce integration enables businesses to create seamless workflow processes, and systems, enabling them to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

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NetSuite has become popular among different enterprise customers for ERP, accounting, and financial toolkit. Whereas, with a well-integrated and functional CRM module, Salesforce can easily blend in the cloud-based and CRM solutions. However, Salesforce users do feel the absence of accounting, ERP, and financial solutions that are available with NetSuite. Here’s a simple explanation, while Salesforce can handle cash flows to lead generation, it lacks the features to effectively manage the accounting and finances of the business. That’s where NetSuite SalesForce integration comes into play, enabling businesses to get the best of both the world for a superior business management experience.

That being said, it’s obvious why modern businesses prefer NetSuite integration with Salesforce or Salesforce NetSuite integration. However, the majority of businesses face challenges with Salesforce and NetSuite integration. That’s because even if NetSuite has extraordinary solutions for integration with Salesforce, the data flow requirements of companies are too complicated for basic NetSuite Salesforce integration. This leaves many enterprises struggling with ineffective SalesForce NetSuite integration solutions.

Nonetheless, while the process for NetSuite integration with Salesforce may be complicated, it automates various business processes for higher efficiency and increased profits. By automating the various processes, businesses not only improve efficiency but also reduce manual errors. For instance, the manual management of entire customer relationship data requires businesses to copy the data into the accounting module (manually) since it’s stuck in a silo, which is highly prone to errors. Well, below we are sharing everything that you need to know about effective NetSuite Salesforce integration so you can automate your processes and gain a competitive advantage!

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How To Do NetSuite Salesforce Integration?

NetSuite integration with Salesforce has become the buzzword, and there are different modules to do so. With this section, we are sharing various modules for Salesforce NetSuite integration!

This integration can be ensured by utilizing cloud-based integration services. Both of them offer connectors for different applications. For the most part, these services can connect an array of enterprise apps and can be easily configured. That being said, it helps combine and/or modify the data when it’s moved from one platform or app to another. Such an approach is beneficial if the sales data needs clarification before uploading it to NetSuite.

It is also suitable when you want to utilize different data endpoints and sources. On the contrary, cloud-based connectors can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive to run the platform and connector. It demands upfront investment during the complicated configuration processes, and there are ongoing maintenance and subscription costs. However, we don’t mind saying that the flexibility of iPaaS makes it a promising choice.

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  • Breadwinner

To begin with, this is the Salesforce application and has a much simpler approach as compared to iPaas. Breadwinner can e configurated and operated in less than 24 hours rather than needing months and weeks for installation and scoping. Sure, Celigo and Boomi can connect a variety of applications, but Breadwinner is focused on integrating Salesforce with different financial platforms, hence optimized user experience and simple setup.

The best thing about Breadwinner is that it can reflect the NetSuite data within Salesforce on a real-time basis. This means that the personnel will be able to set up billing, invoicing, and payment records for every vendor and client. In addition, one can always update the product information and pricing information. Even more, Breadwinner allows bills, invoices, and sales order directly from Salesforce in NetSuite. However, Breadwinner has limited tools for data transformation.

  • RESTlet

For everyone who wants to create their own integration and connection platform for NetSuite and Salesforce, RESTlet is an optimal choice. This module demands you to write the code, so you have complete flexibility for creating the connection. However, integrating these two systems is not simple. Also, it demands upfront investment for building and testing this integration. In addition, you need long-term maintenance. But again, the flexibility to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite according to your choice is the ultimate plus.

Benefits Of NetSuite And Salesforce Integration

  • Improved Cashflow & Personnel Productivity 

This integration can help improve the cash flow and personnel productivity. NetSuite has accounting software that allows the companies to develop financial statements, close up the monthly bookkeeping, monitor the expense management, and deliver revenue management services. Even more, there is a fine feature of providing the financial performance of the business. NetSuite can be integrated with other apps, such as inventory tracking, order management, and monitor the eCommerce functions.

Be it Salesforce or NetSuite, both of them will enhance productivity and will result in convenient collaboration. With these platforms, the personnel from marketing, customer service, and supply chain can interact and update everything, inclusive of processed orders, remaining inventory, and acquisition of customers. That being said, this integration of Salesforce and NetSuite results in higher productivity.

  • Streamlined Processing & Procedures 

This integration can help streamline the procedures that are essential for businesses to compete and sustain themselves in the industry. This is because this combination of two platforms integrated different features of the organization and deliver higher visibility for making informed decisions. In addition, it makes the standardized procedures efficient and helps them grow. On top of everything, this integration delivers a platform for improved collaboration.

When the streamlining of processes is concerned, the combination will deliver better management of inventory. It will result in better tracking and can help identify the accurate inventory for processing the orders. In addition, it can be utilized for tracking revenues and sales. The software integration will help determine the receivable funds. Even more, when the sale is made, the software integration will record it and determine the received or pending payments.

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  • Access To Valuable Information On Clients

Both of these software solutions and platforms are designed to help businesses by offering essential client information without compromising on accessibility. These platforms can be utilized for providing customer information and handle renewals pretty easily. It provides scalability while tracking the referrals and pending orders. With higher accessibility to information, businesses will be able to keep track of clients and customers. Also, it will be easier to locate clients’ data more efficiently.

The integration of NetSuite and Salesforce also provides access to customer data which helps businesses market everything efficiently. That being said, businesses will be easier to grow. On top of everything, quick order processing helps enhance customer satisfaction while delivering product upselling and cross-selling.

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Pre-Requisite of Salesforce NetSuite Integration 

When it comes down to the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce, people always ask if there is a need for coding. Sure, coding is always a consideration, but it’s not recommended. We have already mentioned that RESTlet demands the users to code everything. However, the experts don’t recommend coding for creating long-term solutions. Over the course of time, the reliance on programmers and the absence of scalability will balloon up the costs and will become hard to manage the hand-coded scripts.

Salesforce NetSuite Integration Connector Lifecycle 

When it comes down to the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce, there are some assumptions. First of all, the timeline and/or lifecycle are not set. However, there are some factors that can impact the overall timeline of the integration. To begin with, the complexity and details for field mapping play an influential role along with the business processes. Also, the availability of people and systems can impact how long it will take to integrate these two platforms. Lastly, data clarity and cleanliness will have an immense influence.

NetSuite Integration With Salesforce Modules

There are different modules that can be developed for integrating NetSuite and Salesforce. To name a few, this integration can be utilized for product and pricing master, account and contact syncing, and quote-to-cash. It is essential to understand that NetSuite and Salesforce can be integrated with ay system per se, ranging from cloud to on-premise.

Folio3 Is Your Custom NetSuite Integration Partner 

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