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NetSuite Time Tracking – Tracking Employee Working Hours Made Easier

NetSuite is a comprehensive ERP that offers many functionalities, making it easier for businesses, both big and small, to streamline their processes more efficiently. Time Tracking is one of the many notable capabilities of the NetSuite ERP.

It’s critical for a business to keep track of the total man-hours utilized to complete a certain task. It’s one of the most critical aspects of resource management. If you are using any process for employee attendance and authorization, now is a good time to revisit NetSuite Time Tracking.

The Weekly Timesheet layout in NetSuite allows you to enter and track employee data. This feature has experienced significant enhancements ever since its development. These enhancements can now help with more effective time entry, leading to smarter control and awareness of how an employee’s time is apportioned.

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At the end of a long week, employees frequently treat time entry as an unnecessary distraction. They’re eager to get out the door and get some much-needed rest. Employee dissatisfaction is evident when time tracking activities are tedious and time-consuming. NetSuite Time Tracking enhances time entry transparency with daily / monthly hour totals, hovering headers, and easier navigation between days.

More so, the NetSuite timesheet makes it far easier for NetSuite subscribers to join their daily or bi-weekly working hours. Timesheets are versatile and can be used by companies however they like. If you only like to measure the time by program, that’s plausible. If you ever need to get far more comprehensive a year afterward, that is also feasible. 

Here are a few more causes and features why we strongly suggest NetSuite’s Timesheet interface to our customers.

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Entry into the Netsuite Time Tracking Sheets 

Users can customize time entries to fulfill their specific needs, enter time for various tasks within the same timesheet, and register and publish time in bulk with NetSuite.

Authorizations of Netsuite Timesheets

Users can determine user/project level authorizations, adjust accepted timesheets, dismiss time entries, and send for re-approval in NetSuite.

With most NetSuite situations, Incorporated NetSuite time tracking comes standard and does not need any extra module. It is fully integrated into all aspects of your NetSuite system and retains track of the time invested in project activities.

Approvers can accept or disapprove time entries in large quantities from the page, with the feature to include a refusal note and to cast the position of time entries to launch, awaiting review, accepted, or denied. Project managers can allocate who can authorize time against their projects in NetSuite’s Task Register, with the choice of adding time authorized immediately.

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Framework for Smart Phones

NetSuite’s smartphone app provides the flexibility to add time to projects and tasks from any gadget.

Employee Center Role

Workers who want to fill time, publish account statements, or enter holiday leave can use the “Employee Center Role” license from NetSuite. These licenses are available for sale in 5-packs, with one 5-pack costing the same as one Unlimited Access license.

Additional Netsuite Time Tracking Benefits

  • Managers, executives, and time approvers can use it
  • Every so often, lock the timesheet
  • Admins can deactivate the option to customize documentation in a confined accounting period, prior weeks, or months
  • Time horizons
  • Set out specific and highest hours that users must publish before they can submit time. Rather than blocking requests, an alert is displayed
  • Authorization can be denied if a period does not fulfill the specified min/max requisites.
  • Week Inclusion (copy)
  • When replicating timesheets from a previous week, the user can choose the components of the sheet they want to replicate. 
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NetSuite Timesheets enables a firm to track the total number of hours that its employees invest in a particular project. With that sort of information in hand, employers can evaluate and assess employee performance and boost productivity on the whole. While many organizations don’t take time tracking very seriously, those who keep track of work hours are found to be more productive, efficient, and profitable. 

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