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NetSuite Warehouse Management – How Netsuite WMS help Transform the Warehouse Operations?

Let’s agree to the fact that the warehouse has remained one of the most neglected supply chain components, which is a shame, to say the least. I mean the slightest delay or inaccuracy in order fulfillment can utterly ruin the customer experience of buying from the company, no matter how innovative or high-quality the product may be. And honestly, that’s enough of a reason for companies to keep up with their warehouse management.

The traditional approach to warehouse management involving cluttered and inefficient manual tasks is simply too gross by today’s standard, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of products that are to be managed across multiple locations.

That’s precisely where warehouse management systems come into play…

Well in this blog we will be looking at how NetSuite can help companies better manage warehouse operations. But before that let’s look at some of the fundamental warehouse management challenges that result from manual warehouse practice;

–         Inaccurate data capture

In warehouse management, keeping track of data is absolutely crucial. The accuracy of the data defines how well-managed warehouse operations are. However, keeping track of hundreds of thousands of SKUs, matching the serial details, lots, and items are all resource-intensive tasks, and handling all these manually isn’t just highly inefficient but also highly prone to human errors.

–         No real-time data visibility

According to market statistics, a whopping 50% of SMEs are still either using manual processes to track inventory or not doing it at all. This is simply horrendous, given the significance of tracking inventory for efficient and accurate management of warehouse operations.

Lack of real-time visibility for inventory control only adds to the bottlenecks in the warehousing operations, making companies more susceptible to getting caught into multiple risks like committing multiple orders for the same inventory or getting out of stock again open orders. This not only vastly damages the operations of the business but also massively harms the company’s reputation, which doesn’t come back easy.

–         Inefficient use of space

Warehouse space doesn’t come cheap and thereby it’s important for businesses to efficiently utilize every inch of the available space to increase profitability. Efficient use of products becomes even more important as the business grows and increases inventory items in the portfolio. Also, efficient exploitation of warehouse space is necessary for businesses to adjust for the seasonal peak sales inventory. Again, manual mapping of the warehouse space is a too cumbersome and inefficient approach that makes it almost impossible to efficiently store or track inventory. This subsequently results in under-utilized warehouse space, ultimately compromising the revenues for the business.

–         Inefficient order release

Given the volume of inventory, businesses have to manage in day-to-day operations, it’s simply too impractical for businesses to use manual order fulfillment processes. Using manual processes greatly increases the likelihood of costly mistakes for businesses. Even a mis-pick caught before leaving the warehouse is costly since it only adds to the labor cost, while also results in waste of time in picking up the right order, while putting back the wrong one. Things can get even worse if a wrong order leaves the warehouse undetected, which results in reputational loss, as well as, loss of time and resources to fulfill the order correctly (including additional shipping costs for returning order and shipping the correct order).

NetSuite WMS – The Powerful Warehouse Management System for Modern Warehouses

NetSuite WMS is offered as part of NetSuite’s unified suite of applications. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and features packed WMS systems that bring in advanced functionalities for businesses to efficiently manage warehouse operations. this enables businesses to scan items in real-time, while automatically updating the inventory stocks, as well as, managing transactional records efficiently, all through an integrated platform.

NetSuite Amazon effectively optimizes the day-to-day warehouse operations by eliminating the tedious and inefficient manual processes involved in managing the warehouses. By optimizing all the warehouse operations from inventory management, to inventory tracking, and order fulfillment, NetSuite Shopify enables businesses to offer a streamlined user experience, while mining the handling costs.

NetSuite WMS Features

NetSuite WMS brings in cutting-edge tools and technology to vastly improve the warehouse management experience for businesses. The system is specifically ideal for medium to large enterprises undergoing rapid expansion and looking to add hundreds of new products to the portfolio. Some of the advanced features of NetSuite WMS includes;

  • Wireless RF/Mobile Handhelds
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Dynamic Forward Pick Replenishments
  • Warehouse Dashboards
  • Work Orders and Assemblies
  • Wave Management
  • Labor Productivity Reporting
  • Multiple UPC Codes
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Tracking with License Plates
  • Expiration and Shelf Life Tracking

Why Choose NetSuite WMS?

The NetSuite Bigcommerce comes with industry-leading features including wave planning, mobile RF barcode scanning, and others to effectively automate day-to-day warehouse management operations. This subsequently not only results in far more accurate, and faster operational excellence for warehouse management, but also vastly reduces the cost of handling warehouse operations, thus enabling businesses to improve ROIs.

–         Reduce Distribution costs

From optimal utilization of every inch of warehouse spacing, to lower labor costs due to efficient inventory storage, and lower cycle count, NetSuite WMS greatly reduce the warehouse management costs, thus improving revenues for the business

–         Increased Customer Satisfaction

In today’s online retail world, even the slightest of complacency in order delivery (be it delay in order delivery or inaccurate order fulfillment) can utterly destroy the business reputation. With NetSuite WMS, businesses can be sure of immaculate efficiency and precision in order fulfillment, resulting in better customer experience, and more revenues. 

–         Improve Operational Excellence

Last but not least, the NetSuite warehouse management system (WMS) enables businesses to greatly improve their operational excellence by getting access to real-time data for transactions, and inventory movements. This enables businesses to remain updated with the inventory stocks and ensure timely restocking of inventory to ensure business continuity. 

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