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NetSuite’s Alliance Spotlight Awards: How NetSuite Facilitates Businesses

Oracle NetSuite facilitates businesses in the management of critical business processes with a single system. Amongst many others, these include E-commerce, Inventory Management, Customer Resource Management, Order Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning.

NetSuite held its Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards earlier in 2022 These awards highlighted the efforts put in by the NetSuite Alliance Partners and recognized their commitment to the implementation of NetSuite services.

Some of these Spotlight award winners acquired remarkable customization, expertise, or intellectual property in certain micro-verticals, whereas others helped successfully implement NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, Suite Commerce, and OpenAir.

Let’s discuss how some of the NetSuite Alliance Spotlight Award winners and clients played a role in NetSuite service implementation.

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Ease of Integrating External Systems

Tom Auto Parts is a US-based company that sells automotive parts and accessories. The company ensures that end customers get the best quality automotive parts at the lowest possible price. To make this possible, the company does not procure parts and accessories from renowned distributors. Instead, it scans the global market and unearths the factories that manufacture these automotive parts. The parts are then sourced from these factories in bulk, stocked in their Phoenix warehouse, and sold under the Tom Auto Parts banner. Such a practice removes the various layers of middlemen involved in the procurement process otherwise, eradicating the profit margins kept by each. This way, it makes sure that its valued customers get the best quality auto parts and accessories at affordable rates.

After scouring various developers, Tom Auto Parts chose Folio3 for the implementation of NetSuite SuiteSuccess to facilitate their wholesale distribution channels and to integrate with their multichannel retailers. NetSuite is directly integrated with Amazon, eBay, and Tom Auto Parts’ Magento online store. Folio 3 utilized a full-time technical resource to assist the customer’s workforce and employed a team-based approach for the implementation and integration of NetSuite.

Folio3 is a certified NetSuite Alliance Partner and a software developer that enables the digital transformation of companies of all sizes through mobile applications as well as web development. With its years of experience, it facilitates the development of top-notch software solutions through its tireless efforts and support.

Besides being recognized at the Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards in 2022, the end of last year witnessed Folio3 being distinguished as the Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year 2021. This award was particularly for Europe, the Middle East, and African regions. Consistent recognitions show Folio3’s unending support and commitment to implementing NetSuite solutions for clients.

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Enabling Multichannel Diversification

Henry Bear’s Park is a toy store located in Massachusetts and the Rhode Islands. It is known to specialize in novelty toys for over 45 years. With e-commerce taking over the world, the company decided to go beyond its brick-and-mortar stores with the help of NetSuite. Its NetSuite implementation was aided by Intente.

Intente worked ardently to facilitate Henry Bear’s Park’s online presence. Through design and implementation all the way to testing and going live for NetSuite, Intente’s developmental expertise enabled Henry Bear’s Park to transition smoothly into the world of e-commerce.

Simplification of Complex Processes

Path Robotics is a manufacturer of artificial intelligence robots that enable manufacturing processes to become flexible and infinitely scalable. Within a year of being launched, Path Robotics experienced hyper-growth. Using incongruent software systems as well as manual practices for procurement, operations, manufacturing, and accounting, the company was a mess. Lack of real-time information availability and misalignment abound. This was when Path Robotics decided on a uniform ERP throughout the company.

It partnered with Bridgepoint, a NetSuite consultant that helped them implement NetSuite. Bridgepoint aided in its technology build and process design which enabled Path Robotics to manage their complex manufactured robots while ensuring ease of transaction and process simplification.

Supporting Businesses Progression

Starting off as a small family business, Hampton Farms has paved its way to be America’s prominent provider of nut-based products. With over a century-old presence, it specializes in the roasting of in-shell peanuts. As the company progressed, its need for demand planning and complex manufacturing increased. It also required integration with USDA and Shopify which led it to opt for NetSuite services through Bring IT.

Bring IT developed a customized solution as per the needs of Hampton Farms that included budgeting, planning, and inventory management. The implementation was completed in record time and also resulted in reduced close times for accounts payable. Each of the 13 subsidiaries of Hampton Farms employs its own version of the ERP.

Moreover, BetterLesson is an education services company in North America. It was established in 2008 and provides individual coaching and one-time tutor workshops yearly to individuals, schools, and school districts. As the company grew, it employed 175 individuals and had a registered member base of over 1.4 million. It was then that they realized the need for a unified ERP to bring them ease in managing their growing business.

With the help of Plative, BetterLesson opted for NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Services which facilitated the company with its order management, revenue management, financial management, and billing, to name a few.

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Supporting Large Volumes

Yasso is a producer of frozen Greek yogurt. Soon after its launch, it was a huge success and experienced high production volumes.

Owing to its aggressive growth, Yasso did not have real-time quality data available throughout the company. As the company grew, its increasing need for company-wide data integration also increased. In 2020, it employed NetSuite via iCloudAuthority as its developer. Being in the consumer packaged goods industry, there were several key considerations for Yasso which were also addressed by its developer. Besides these customizations, some SuiteApps for financial processes like eRemittances and ePayables were also automated for Yasso through iCloudAuthority.

Yasso continues to grow exponentially and is stocked at major retailers like Walmart and Target. It offers a wide variety of healthy desserts to its clients and looks to formulate further revolutionary dessert ideas for its end consumers.

The contributions of NetSuite Alliance Partners in NetSuite’s progress are noteworthy, and they definitely play a huge role in enabling NetSuite to be the top-most cloud-based solution provider.

Each of the winners earned recognition through their dedication to benefit the end-user. They continue to improve their expertise and serve customers relentlessly.

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