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The Power Pack for Businesses – ERP and Business Intelligence (BI)

The world is majorly divided into two types of people; Category A, those who spend their entire lives working a 9-to-5 job, and Category B, those who strive to become their own boss. Out of these two categories, the majority of the people belonging to category A wish to join the group of self-employed.

Having your own business means you can work at your own pace; hire people of your choice; have your own rule; being your boss. You’re not answerable to anyone but you. When looked at from afar, this seems like the perfect situation.

While we agree with the many benefits running a business brings, we’re also aware that usually, most setups don’t even last a year. There is no denying there; setting up and running a business requires extensive monetary as well as non-monetary investment. Whether you own an SME or a large-scale setup, failing within a year means losing your entire life’s savings and seeing one’s efforts and hard work go down the drain.

For any company to survive in the competitive market and move towards stability, the first step must be developing a smart strategy. Planning and strategizing are, indeed, the best ways to step foot into the corporate sector. Without a proper strategy, you can’t expect to excel in the market.

Embracing the Modern Tools

When discussing developing and designing strategies to manage businesses effectively, embracing modernity is the right way to go about things. The world is amidst a digital transformation, and it’s time that people not only accept but embrace the latest tech tools to excel in their respective fields.

Today, the corporate sector is bombarded with smart technologies that make business management easy, simple, and much more convenient than it was decades ago. While we talk about the latest technologies, there are two tools that we can’t overlook – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) – if we wish to succeed in the market.

Understanding the Importance of ERPs and BI

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are among the greatest products technology has brought into the corporate sector. Software such as Oracle NetSuite is working wonders for businesses. From establishing a central point for the entire company’s data to streamlining a company’s day-to-day operations, these systems have made business management less tedious and more efficient. ERPs bring a plethora of benefits to companies.

  • Provides a central database for all departments.
  • Provides cross-departmental insights to stakeholders.
  • Efficiently performing financial planning and analysis (FP&A).
  • Leading companies towards a high degree of efficiency, allowing them to save costs and improve productivity.

The second tool that’s under question is Business Intelligence (BI). While we all have some idea about ERPs, many of us still do not completely understand BI technology. While ERPs help streamlines business operations, BI software help companies get a comprehensive view of operations. When a company can oversee its internal operations from a bird’s view, it has a chance to take well-informed and data-backed decisions.

Data is the best tool for businesses, and it has been benefitting them since the beginning. It helps companies gain invaluable insights into their business’s performance, leading them toward better decisions. BI software works wonders in this regard. The many benefits of BI software include

  • Serves as the central point for both high-level strategy and tactical responses to market demands.
  • Plays a key role in taking business towards efficiency and high productivity.
  • Aids a company’s efforts to leverage competitive advantages.

The key difference between these two is that an ERP system helps companies on an operational level, while BI systems aid a company’s ability to make well-grounded decisions. Integrating both ERP and BI software into the business management model can ultimately lead companies towards high profitability.

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ERP and BI: Better Together

The power of ERP and BI, when viewed separately, is something we can’t overlook. Each of these systems offers a unique set of benefits to companies, leading them towards corporate success and stability.

While these two tech tools work wonders for companies, their power doubles when you pair these up, it can be said that the ERP-and-BI combo is a power pack that allows companies to not only effectively manage their day-to-day operations, streamline business management tasks, improve productivity, but also help in making well-informed and data-backed decisions.

The best thing about pairing up these technologies is that it lets you turn a mass of data into actionable insights, leading you to strategize your company’s growth smartly. The benefits don’t stop here. This tech combination helps companies efficiently transition to predictive modeling from historic reporting. With this transition, a company equips itself with the necessary futuristic statistics that prove beneficial when planning and strategizing for business growth.

As a business owner, you must be well aware of how important following the trends and market patterns is for strategizing and planning. It is also crucial to predict possible market shifts to prepare the company for any uncertain situations. With ERPs to seamlessly manage your internal operations, you can leverage BI systems for predictive modeling. This will help you stabilize your company’s internal activities, enabling a steady workflow stream while you plan and strategize to grow and expand into new horizons.

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The Ending Notes

With BI integrated into your ERP, you can double the benefits of both tech tools. From data analysis to breaking down silos, you can automate all processes while introducing the element of efficiency within the business model. While helping you streamline things across the board, this power pack combination can help you gain invaluable business performance as well as market insights.

If you wish to get a tailored BI-integrated-ERP into your business management model, you need to consider the Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, Folio3. The company serves as the perfect partner while helping with the integration, implementation, and customization of the cloud-based ERP, NetSuite, to fit your business’s needs and requirements.

Think wisely and take action to enjoy a competitive edge in the market with the most powerful business management and growth tools right by your side with Folio3!

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