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Project Management Software for Nonprofits Market

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Project management software includes applications for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. The system may be used to handle project budgets, specifications, paperwork, and quality, all at the same time. Project management software is used for cooperation and communication amongst project stakeholders, especially for large-scale projects.

Project management software aims to help groups working on the same project get their job done efficiently. It suits startups of all sizes, from budding startups to mature corporations, as well as a variety of groups working together to accomplish a project. One of the software characteristics that stands out as very beneficial is task independence. It is easy to conduct multiple projects and collect data on the team’s success and development of individual or team members. In any company, project management software may be helpful if you’re looking to implement projects alongside duties. The program assists in managing projects by breaking them down into tasks, measuring productivity, producing timetables, and facilitating team communications.

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The best project management software is not limited to only task management. It is a solution that encompasses the needs of a wide range of people. As task management software separates components within the same project, defines efforts of the people, offers room for self-management, and assigns due dates, it allows you to guide the crew, monitor document efficiency, and counterbalance projects.

Project management software may help organizations stay on top of their resources, too. It serves as a tracking mechanism that delineates the resources used and when those resources will be utilized. Additionally, it estimates the cost of its use, which includes energy costs.

Modern project management software streamlines the process, reducing waste and increasing productivity. It, for instance, informs everyone involved once a step is completed and a new assignment has to be assigned. For quite some time now, the corporate sector has turned to cloud-based services as its go-to solution. The project management software’s most obvious advantage is its cloud-based services. Better cooperation is required, and cloud-based technology helps to enable this.

In businesses focusing on digital transformation, project management (PM) software solutions are not new. As per a recent study, companies that utilize project management software are just 23%. Of the 35% of project managers still using Microsoft Excel to create resource plans, three-quarters of those also still use PowerPoint.

Nearly 54% of project managers do not have access to the project’s key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time because non-adoption remains. Consequently, they are not as fast to react to difficulties. If choices are made after at least five hours of discussion, the failure rate is 22%. Unfinished projects have a 53% chance of becoming unsatisfactory.

According to those who participated in the survey, the benefits of the project management software, 59% think that project management software aids in the achievement of company goals. Project deadlines are verified using this tool, according to half of the respondents. According to structural changes in the workplace, a rise in project management software may be expected. In project management software, features for team use have also been increasing to meet varying project needs. Increasingly, the project manager’s conventional duties are being replaced with tasks that are handled collaboratively.

Following are some widely used project management software:

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It includes robust collaboration and communication capabilities to assist you with workloads. One may customize it to suit their needs, with continuous and simple monitoring. Furthermore, all project action is accessible to project members, who may therefore cooperate smoothly.

Because of its flexibility to be integrated, it can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing software ecosystem. The program is especially well-suited for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as independent contractors (ICs).

Quick Base

Quick Base is a great application for project teams that want a better work structure and better project management. This platform is highly versatile since you may tailor it to meet your specific requirements to make it unique. Utilize cloud functionality so you may use it whenever and wherever you have an online connection, provided that you have access to the internet.


Oracle Project Planning and Control provides the project managers with the control and visibility they need to execute projects efficiently, enhance profits, and save costs. Users can find project data such as budgets and expenses and progress reports, all in one place. Oracle Project Management lets project managers organize work, assign resources, forecast project completion, and communicate with stakeholders.

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NetSuite Project Management is a leading project management software. It allows a business to effectively manage resources, people, tasks, and budgets through a single platform. It provides important insights that a project manager needs to allocate the right resources to the right projects.


Clarizen offers effortless and seamless collaboration and can be accessed from anywhere, any time. It enables the employees to work more efficiently and achieve business objectives. The feature that makes this project management software stand out is the flexibility in project planning. The users could switch back to a particular portion of the project timeline in the draft version and re-plan the tasks if the tasks weren’t completed as they should in the first place. Changes in project planning can be done in real-time.

Project Insight

This web-based project management software is suitable for everyone, both small and large teams. Its easy-to-use interface helps a business establish a centralized hub for delegating tasks, monitoring productivity, and collaboration among the various departments, thereby ensuring a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

A project management software is the need of the hour. We’re living in a digital era, and the sooner you adapt to digitization, the better it’ll play out in your favour.

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