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The COVID-19 Pandemic Demands Companies Pivot Now

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Entrepreneurs, mom-and-pop shops, and even big-box merchants are all venturing into unfamiliar areas, attempting to stay afloat in the face of a global pandemic. With social alienation in full swing, the closure of “non-essential” brick-and-mortar establishments has impacted thousands. Consumers cannot use the touch and feel of things as a purchasing factor when the country is under lockdown. With the consequences of COVID-19 demand, small merchants embrace the benefits of eCommerce now more than ever. They must replace the actual in-store experience with an engaging online experience.

While most people believe COVID-19 will have negative impacts, we believe in the reverse. Instead, we believe that a positive retail revolution centred on online encounters will be a positive retail revolution. There is a need for digital innovation and knowledge of the long-term effects of this pandemic, and retailers must face this straight on.

The Emergence of a New Consumer
One of the most notable effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the planet has been the emergence of a hyper-aware consumer. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s buyer is concerned about their health and well-being, but it doesn’t prevent them from making non-essential purchases. While the post-pandemic consumer is cautious, we insist that people still find comfort in regular purchases, noting, “People still have money.” People still want to buy a television. People are still interested in purchasing headphones. They continue to want to purchase non-essential items. As a result, we believe that existing enterprises will thrive.”

Responding to Your Customer’s Needs

Existing businesses will thrive as long as they can make themselves visible online and withstand COVID-19 shutdowns. Customers want to buy things from stores that provide the most convenient online possibilities. Customers will buy elsewhere if your brick-and-mortar store does not provide that level of discretion.

Catering to your client’s wants will attract them to choose your store over an out-of-date competitor. Patrons may obtain an immersive brand experience that combines the benefits of in-store and digital elements by building an eCommerce website. Whether online payments, automatic self-service, or contactless delivery, shoppers seek options that traditional retail can’t provide.

The Influence of Change

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The key to business optimization will be to use the appropriate management software. “Small firms must migrate to a platform such as NetSuite.” It allows them to manage their entire inventory in a very straightforward and attractive manner. They must also turn their focus immediately to online sales.” Merchants have a unique potential to rapidly increase many buyers with the right digital platform, such as NetSuite.

SuiteCommerce software from NetSuite bridges the gap between in-store and online functions. It offers an eCommerce platform for selling products and services, as well as the ability to administer your business safely and remotely. The effects of delivering an omnichannel experience for customers set organizations up for success, “It’s one of the only things in human history that, when properly adopted, new participants emerge, new stories are told, and new success stories are simply waiting to happen.” That’s when retail comes into its own.”

The Historical Need for Adaptation

Companies that are considering weathering the storm of the COVID-19 epidemic should reconsider. In the past, doing nothing has resulted in being left in the dust. He goes on to say about merchants in Jerusalem’s Old City, “During rainy seasons, shopkeepers would have to close their businesses due to flooded stores.” While some firms preferred to weather the storm, others desired to sell. Those who refused to surrender erected slanted cement blocks to direct water away from their establishments.

Businesses that went above and beyond were able to see year-round sales. The desire for invention was crucial to traders in Jerusalem thousands of years ago, and it is still relevant now. “The repercussions of doing nothing will be terrible.” Many of these smaller mom and pop enterprises do not understand the importance of pivoting and adapting because they believe that the world will be different tomorrow. It’s not going to be any different in a few months. “The world has changed.”

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The Retail Future

Whether vendors are dealing with flooded stores in Jerusalem’s Old City or how to survive a contagion, one truth remains constant: difficult times build stronger businesses. The time for action has arrived, and companies must work proactively to ensure that they not just survive but thrive during these difficult times.

Invest in a Digital Solution to Ensure Longevity

NetSuite’s software is a cloud-based company solution easily installed remotely. SuiteCommerce from NetSuite features many robust solutions to get your business back to selling online. Its eCommerce features keep your customers linked until your shop is ready to declare that it is open for business.

SuiteCommerce allows you to: In addition to giving your clients a nice website, SuiteCommerce allows you to:

Orders Can Be Fulfilled Quickly:

Orders can be managed and fulfilled from numerous inventory locations, resulting in fewer missed orders and improved customer satisfaction.

Connect Online:

To limit human to human contact, offer your customers unique promotions such as curbside pickup, scheduled product pickup, or complete POS purchases in-store.

Develop and Implement Advanced Marketing Campaigns:

Create sophisticated marketing strategies that notify customers when a store has been deep-cleaned or advertise sales or shipping updates.

Hire a Professional

Merchants who want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation will want the assistance of an expert organization to guide their business to success and longevity. Using a consultant company, such as Folio3, provides you with the capability of a NetSuite implementation and technical support from a subject matter expert.

As a NetSuite partner, Folio3 provides more than just consulting services; we help you migrate historical data, educate your employees to utilize NetSuite and provide post-go-live support. Our trained NetSuite teams are focused on delivering deliverables while holding the quality of work accountable. NetSuite’s user-friendly management system is adaptable to any industry and, owing to Folio3’s dedication, can be adjusted to any unique business demands.

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