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The Future of HR: How NetSuite’s HR Module Transforms Human Resources

NetSuite handles all your business needs, ensuring nothing is left behind. Their latest solution, SuitePeople, an ideal NetSuite HR module, enables you to digitize and optimize your HR functions, keeping your business at the forefront of innovation. 

NetSuite HR module is a comprehensive solution that eliminates third-party integrations, providing firms with an all-encompassing tool to manage day-to-day tasks and efficiently deliver an exceptional employee experience. 

Let’s understand how NetSuite’s HR module, SuitePeople, works within a company’s human resources, making time-consuming processes more efficient.

What is NetSuite HR Module Management?

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NetSuite’s SuitePeople is an excellent human resource management solution offering many capabilities to streamline HR service delivery across your organization. 

This integrated tool handles HR, payroll, and financials, so you don’t need to worry about using third-party integrations. That means your data will be accurate, and everything will run smoothly. 

Plus, SuitePeople makes the whole workforce experience more engaging, helps with decision-making, and aligns workforce performance with overall business performance. 

It’s a holistic approach that empowers organizations to optimize their HR processes and drive sustainable growth in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

NetSuite HR Module Management Benefits

Reduce the Cost of Running Payroll

NetSuite HR module simplifies your payroll process by running it in just minutes without the hassle of importing or manipulating third-party files. With SuitePeople seamless integration, you can instantly post payroll data to your general ledger, keeping your financial records accurate and up-to-date. Save time and money while enjoying the convenience of an efficient payroll system.

Enhance HR Service Delivery

Another benefit is that this tool, SuitePeople, revamps HR processes by allowing managers and employees to easily update their profiles, effectively manage their teams, and securely access their HR information. Simplifying administrative tasks, creating a seamless user experience, and boosting productivity and engagement are much easier with the NetSuite HR module international. 

Increase Workforce Performance

Organizations can conduct more effective and engaging performance reviews by using employee performance metrics based on NetSuite data that are regularly updated. This data-driven approach helps companies better understand employee performance, allowing them to provide targeted feedback and actionable insights to drive continuous improvement and maximize overall workforce productivity.

Top NetSuite Human Resource Management Features

HR Administration

The Suite facilitates the sharing of workforce information, allowing HR leaders to automate everyday tasks, reduce administrative time, and streamline approval processes. 

With dashboards, HR can monitor key KPIs and become strategic partners to senior leaders and hiring managers. Employee Directory promotes collaboration, Effective Dating provides accurate data for faster HR decision-making, and Access Controls ensure proper change permissions.


Another fantastic feature is that SuitePeople Payroll offers a complete payroll solution for companies in the United States. It handles payroll processing and management from start to finish, keeping up with payroll calculation changes and ensuring compliance across all U.S. states and local jurisdictions. Automated payroll tax filing and real-time general ledger posting provide accurate financial reports and help companies control payroll expenses.

Performance Management

SuitePeople Performance Management offers a complete, streamlined solution for managing the performance review process. It’s all about making things easier! With a centralized platform, it provides a user-friendly interface to handle performance evaluations efficiently. 

Plus, it keeps employees engaged with cool features like goal creation, progress monitoring, and recognition for achievements. So, it’s not just about efficiency but also about making performance management meaningful and impactful. 

Workforce Management

NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management simplifies the complexities of HR tasks by providing a unified solution for shift scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and wage calculations. With seamless integration, it streamlines managing employee schedules, effortlessly captures attendance data, and automates wage calculations. 

The system also handles Time-Off Management efficiently, automating leave requests and approvals while keeping time-off balances up-to-date. Companies can enforce policies to prevent excessive time off or overpayment during employee exits. 

Additionally, the platform offers Compensation and Benefits Tracking, offering HR admins and managers a visual timeline to monitor employee compensation and benefits changes, facilitating comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Workforce Engagement

NetSuite HR module also offers a user-friendly Employee Center, empowering employees and managers with self-service features. 

This includes updating personal information, managing bank accounts, checking time-off balances, tracking goal progress, and accessing paychecks and expense reports. Managers can initiate changes like promotions and transfers and approve time-off requests through this platform. 

The suite also introduces SuitePeople Kudos, promoting a positive work culture by allowing employees to publicly acknowledge their peers, aiding retention and reducing turnover costs. 

Moreover, the system facilitates efficient onboarding and offboarding with customizable checklists, ensuring a smooth welcome for new hires and a thorough exit process for departing employees.


HR Analytics offers role-based dashboards for HR and other authorized users to monitor workforce performance. With 15 top-notch KPIs, HR leaders can dive into headcount, turnover trends, demographics, revenue per active employee, expense per engaged employee, and profit per active employee. 

You can even drill down on these metrics by department, employee class or group, location, or subsidiary. These powerful and visually appealing analytics help break down departmental and data barriers, making communication smoother for faster and more confident decision-making and planning.

NetSuite HRM solves challenges

NetSuite HR module international tackles various challenges faced by organizations. 

Firstly, it addresses the issue of multiple HR systems and services by streamlining data management and eliminating the inefficiencies of dealing with duplicate information across various platforms. 

The solution also combats inaccurate reporting by centralizing all employee data, ensuring accurate recordkeeping, and facilitating real-time reporting and analysis. 

Additionally, NetSuite HR Management focuses on boosting employee engagement by enabling the creation of goals and providing a platform for recognizing and appreciating employees, ultimately keeping them motivated and invested in their work. 

How Much Does NetSuite Human Resources Cost?

NetSuite Human Resources follows a subscription-based pricing model, catering to companies of all sizes, from startups to rapidly expanding businesses. The cost structure comprises an annual license fee consisting of three key components: the core platform, optional modules, and the number of users. 

Additionally, there is a one-time implementation fee for the initial setup. The flexibility of cloud software allows businesses to adapt easily to growth by activating new modules and adding users as needed. 


Overall, if we wrap things up, NetSuite HR Module international – SuitePeople is a game-changer for human resource management. It offers a comprehensive solution that integrates HR, payroll, and financials, making things simpler and more efficient. 

This streamlined approach cuts costs, enhances HR service delivery, and boosts workforce performance. NetSuite Human Resources is an all-in-one solution that empowers organizations to optimize HR processes and drive sustainable growth in today’s ever-changing business landscape. 

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