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The Idea Behind UK Webinar and How it Would Help Growing Businesses

Are you a UK-based entrepreneur looking to expand your business beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself? Do you wish to know how ERP solutions can be a major factor in helping your business scale? 

Join us on the 28th of July, 2022, in an exciting and enlightening webinar where you can learn exactly how to choose the best ERP platform for your business, and how to leverage it to achieve ongoing growth and success. 

Digital transformation is no longer something that gives your company an edge over others. It is now a need to get out of the rut that will consume your organization if you don’t step up and digitize your processes. It is no longer about making your company grow but essential even if you wish to survive. 

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What’s the Idea Behind the Webinar?

The webinar consists of two esteemed speakers from Folio3 and NetSuite talking about why you need an ERP solution and how it will help you automate your business processes. The idea is to give you an overview of why NetSuite is the best choice and how you can leverage it to achieve your business goals and grow your business. They also explain how you can choose the right technology partner and how the correct tech partner can help you gain the most from your ERP. 

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What Will You Learn in the Webinar?

Besides learning how you can select the perfect ERP solution as well as technology partner, you will learn several things about NetSuite from the speakers and the discussion that follows:

  • How NetSuite will facilitate you in supporting, connecting, and streamlining your key business functions.
  • How you can leverage NetSuite to gain real-time visibility into your processes and thereby engage in informed decision-making.
  • How NetSuite has the ability to adapt and scale alongside you as you grow your business.
  • How you can leverage the maximum potential of NetSuite and gain from integration with eCommerce channels as well as online marketplaces. 

If any of this sounds like it can help you, don’t miss the chance to find out more and learn all about the best ERP platform!

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