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The Key to a Functional NetSuite Implementation

Are you preparing for a NetSuite implementation? If yes, you’ve got to do your homework before diving in; ERP implementations are notoriously difficult to get right. Here are some statistics to help you determine the difficulty you’re facing.

  • 60% – of ERP implementations are a complete failure
  • 80% – of customers are dissatisfied with their implementation
  • 77% – it will take longer than anticipated
  • 54% – of the population overspend their budget

Strategic management is one of the aspects of a successful NetSuite implementation project. Your group won’t have to be concerned about terrifying statistical data if you know what’s coming and how to prepare for it.

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Significance of Hiring a Professional for NetSuite Implementation

If you have decided to buy NetSuite to substitute your current ERP or CRM software after giving it a lot of thought and addressing all of your concerns, you must be well-prepared for the process. You must embark on the path of NetSuite execution, fully aware that it will be disruptive and a significant financial investment for your company. Because the advantages of using NetSuite greatly exceed any concerns, the effective NetSuite implementation should be managed by an experienced professional to deliver long-term achievement.

The successful NetSuite implementation integrates critical success factors with a personalized experience for the clients based on their unique needs. NetSuite functional and technical consultants understand your business requirements in order to configure and optimize NetSuite so that you can get the most out of the software’s features. Professional NetSuite consulting services can include generating customized business operations, intricate integrations, advanced module configuration, software configuration with third-party application areas, and data transformation during the execution.

In addition to NetSuite technical and functional specialists, a professional can facilitate the process and also communicate about the features on a regular basis

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7 Steps to a Successful NetSuite Execution

It’s not exactly unusual for different NetSuite partners to have their own approach to NetSuite implementation. All traditional methods have several fundamental elements in common, such as planning, execution, testing, and go-live. However, there is really no such thing as the “finest” ability to transport out an implementation.

Defining Requirements and Examining Business Processes

  • Analyze the company’s goals and major issues during organizing, revelation, and investigations.
  • Conduct an onsite business review and fill out a Business Requirements Documents (BRD), which outlines the project’s company requirements.
  • Obtain a copy of the Business Process Review Questionnaire.
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Installation of NetSuite

  • Implement basic NetSuite capabilities and insert consumer settings and material during the initial set-up.
  • Personalization – take advantage of native NetSuite features like workflows and scripts.
  • Import important data into NetSuite, such as customers and suppliers.
  • Statistical data from a code base must be migrated (custom solutions).
  • Obtain a copy of the NetSuite Data Migration Policy.


  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Documentation – build custom UAT’s for key NetSuite business processes.
  • Quality Assurance Testing – some companies and their clients put NetSuite through rigorous testing before installation to ensure that it is ready.

Client Education

  • To ensure that the team is ready to use the new features, train the employees on how to use NetSuite. See what NetSuite teaching services are available.

Implementation of the Live System

  • Live system is put in place to respond to questions and ensure a successful NetSuite execution.
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Ongoing NetSuite Consulting and Post-Launch Support

Posy-launch support is a critical part of a successful and fully functional NetSuite implementation. Since the system is still new, there will always be some areas where the user will find themselves lost. If continuous consulting and support is not provided, the company would have no reason to continue using it.


It’s ideal to entrust your NetSuite successful implementation to a professional. Focus on finding a partner who can provide you with direct emails and the names of solely dedicated group members who can be reached the soonest at any given time throughout the day.

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