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The Power of Cloud ERP

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Why Cloud ERP is here to stay?

Cloud computing allows businesses worldwide to expand their capacity, streamline procedures, and introduce new services. More businesses are utilizing on-demand programmes or services, such as cloud ERP. Members can view Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software through the Internet using a cloud ERP platform.

A cloud ERP solution is more accessible and mobile than traditional on-premises systems. Organizations can post, monitor, and access data in real-time from any device, allowing departments to interact more easily. A cloud ERP system can also be combined with CRM and PRM systems to obtain real-time reports across different channels and employ a central database.

This post will look at some of the main benefits of cloud ERP and which industries do cloud ERP has the most significant impacts.

The Advantages of Cloud ERP

Updates are made automatically.

You can modify your programme as you want using an on-premises ERP system. However, your implemented alterations may not be re-implemented with subsequent versions of the software. As a result, your company operates on an out-of-date version of its ERP software. On the other hand, a cloud-based ERP receives automatic updates and upgrades, and these upgrades quickly and automatically take your changes and integrations forward to future versions.

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Decisions That Is Far More Insightful

Cloud ERP swiftly links your employees and channel partners to your corporate resources, regardless of their location. A single system allows channel partners to take orders, manage inventory, and generate reports. Because on-premises ERP systems are typically used, your departments must rely on separate systems to report revenue and spending figures. On the other hand, Cloud ERP solutions are constantly updating data and displaying correct figures for everyone in your organization.

Lower Price

On-site ERP solutions might quickly become prohibitively expensive. The costs of purchasing and managing software are higher upfront, and many businesses wind up hiring an IT team. The licensing and maintenance costs might quickly pile up if you use many systems. Cloud ERP solutions, on the other hand, include dedicated IT support. A regular subscription charge comprises hardware and software costs, both of which typically decrease over time.

Critical Industries Can Benefit From Cloud ERP

Distribution & Retail

When global retailers need to sell products through several channels, a system like SuiteCommerce Advance can help. NetSuite’s front-end eCommerce solution integrates easily with NetSuite ERP’s back-end unified database. This configuration provides complete visibility into your inventories and cross-channel customers. Managers can employ data analytics since cloud ERP solutions collect a wide range of important data. Stores can better observe client purchasing habits to enhance overall performance, allowing them to execute strategic pivots based on real-time data.

Additionally, back-end processes such as inventory and warehouse management are streamlined. NetSuite’s Cloud ERP provides real-time visibility into stock levels across all locations, allowing you to improve pick, pack, and ship techniques. Furthermore, you may automatically arrange orders to ship based on whole-order inventory availability and location using pre-defined criteria, reducing the need for numerous shipments and additional expenditures.

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A cloud ERP can help to reduce overall interruptions by notifying technicians of unexpected downtimes, such as when a piece of equipment fails. Manufacturers can reduce costs by performing predictive maintenance on their equipment when monitored in real-time. Cloud ERP software also improves manufacturing workflows, freeing up valuable resources and lowering production costs. Manufacturers can better manage their supply chain with real-time data by employing analytics and customized dashboards.

Service in the Field

A cloud-based ERP system transmits correct client case information and notifies technicians via mobile devices. Technicians can respond to requests more rapidly and provide more first-time solutions. Field employees can even conduct remote repairs by merging an ERP system with augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, experts can share displays with users and walk them through step-by-step fixes using mobile devices. Finally, the real-time tracking provided by ERP systems enables field personnel to plan their actions, check equipment status, and take advantage of predictive maintenance.


Cloud ERP technologies, used by global corporations and remote workforces, assist businesses in making quick decisions in today’s volatile business environment. Cloud ERP, such as NetSuite, has major advantages over traditional on-premises ERP solutions.

However, successfully adopting NetSuite across your firm is easier said than done. Choosing the incorrect implementation partner can put your digital transformation projects on hold before they ever begin. That is why you want the services of a knowledgeable and hands-on expert such as Folio3.

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