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This is Why You Need to Integrate NetSuite with HubSpot

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Since a common notion these days is that customers are always right, businesses have set their priorities straight. Every company has become more customer-centric today because keeping them satisfied is the way to grow. 

Technology takes care of everything from ensuring customer retention to increasing conversion rates. To be specific, HubSpot is one platform that eases your communication with buyers and amplifies customer engagement. 

It is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that collects all the resources developing businesses utilize to provide first-grade customer service. And well, integrating it with NetSuite gives you an even solid edge by putting forth an all-inclusive lead-generation mechanism that caters to every aspect of customer acquisition.

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Integration NetSuite with Hubspot – The Overview

Hubspot integration with NetSuite has become a game-changer for several businesses. It holds importance among customers who use both platforms, Hubspot and NetSuite while being well-informed about their striking features. It takes NetSuite’s supremely impactful business tools and Hubspot’s diverse marketing and sales features to produce the perfect outcome. 

Every business is becoming aware of it and advancing with its implementation. To prove its usefulness, here’s how the combination of both tools presents you with a wide range of promising features.

Quick Access to NetSuite Data

The integration eases data transfer of HubSpot leads to the native NetSuite fields whether or not you use NetSuite customers, contacts, or a fusion of both. It takes only a single click to access HubSpot’s contact page, and the entire list of your leads will sync in NetSuite. 

Availability of HubSpot’s Sales and Marketing Information

With NetSuite HubSpot integration easing your way in multiple ways, every contact or lead you collected in HubSpot will also be present in NetSuite. This integration’s high point is how it smoothens your data collection and storage with precision. It gives your sales team a uniform platform from which only the relevant data can be utilized effectively. 

Easy Synchronization of NetSuite and HubSpot

HubSpot enables you to prepare customized processes, campaigns, and schedules by making prolific use of customer data. It picks up all the critical data, including customer status and sales reps assigned to each. By doing so, you have all the information and stats you need under one umbrella, and it shall stay safely stored in your system for a long time.

Simplified Finance Monitoring Process

NetSuite and HubSpot have come together to simplify managing your business’s finances. You can always integrate NetSuite’s ERP and CRM alongside many more of its financial powers with HubSpot to maintain uniformity in your financial statements. 

Efficient Sales Management  

The combination of NetSuite and HubSpot makes it so much more convenient for your sales team to work in the latter and the former. It allows you to open HubSpot’s iFrame extension window. The altered fields in HubSpot are connected with your quote in NetSuite. 

Transparency of Business Activity

The most valued NetSuite integration HubSpot is boosting the transparency of your business activity at every stage. It fastens your task delivery while maintaining access to all the information in HubSpot. NetSuite’s Mini Timeline shows an analysis of the past five HubSpot actions, and this allows you to keep a watch on both platforms’ activities at the same time. 

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Advantages of the NetSuite and HubSpot Integration

With this much-needed integration gaining more popularity everyday, you should have all its strengths and benefits in your knowledge. Here’s every point you need to know about it.

Better Data Management

  • It gives you comperehensive and acccurte to help in decision-making and creating highly impactful campaigns.
  • It gets rid of all the inaccurate incomplete, obsolete, and duplicated data in your system so it shows the most relevant and useful information only.
  • Its compelling tools and features assist you with sorting and cleaning your HubSpot data prior to transferring it.
  • It ensures leaving only authentic and reliable information only while keeping it secures from any cyber security threats
    • It makes data analysis easier by providing you with multiple features that help with monitoring and assessing the data with the utmost accuracy. 

The Qualitative Benefits You Get

  • It provides you with data that can be easily found by the audience and customers through the search engine, on applications and websites. 
  • It eliminates all the chances of human error by automating the collection of data, its reporting and exact analysis.
  • It allows your business to thrive in highly competitive industries by updating you with the most efficient technology and integration.

The Quantitative Benefits You Get

  • It reduces the time your revenue teams spend on attaining data and allocating resources efficiently. 
  • It eradicates wastage of hours and days spent on extracting data from the system by making it readily accessible.
  • It decreases your effort on reworking on processing because of low-quality, outdated, or unauthentic data leading your operations. 
  • It amplifies your productivity by streamlining your operations and allowing you to make well-infomed decisions.
  • It gives you a high and return on investment by serving you with the most helpful analytics incentives.

Enhanced Alignment

  • It smoothen data sharing and transfer to enhance your revenue generation and business scalability.
  • It serves you real-time information and insights of the customer journey right from the beginning till the end clearing out all the inconsistent data. 
  • It helps you track performance of your sales initiatives, marketing strategies and campaigns, alongside analysing your cross-sell and upsell strategies.
  • It ensures you take the correct measures to get the most out of your revenue strategy and maximize the outcome efficiency. 
  • It supports you with connecting revenue units with predictive analytics by observing the current data and taking the potential trends into account. 
  • It makes forecasting extremely precise and developes a revenue strategy that is certain to lead long-term success for your business.
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The Folio3 NetSuite Hubspot Integration Solution

Since every business’s goal is to create a seamless linkage amongst all your vital systems and processes, Folio3’s solution is the most fitting one for you. The efficacy and popularity of its NetSuite HubSpot integrations for businesses is escalating at a favorable rate and you don’t want your business to miss out on this opportunity of growth. 

Henceforth, Folio3’s masterly solutions, expert professionals, and versatile solutions are the best option for your business regardless of your products or services. You will be able to assemble your data in the most proficient way and indeed, deploying it is going to be the defining moment for you business.

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