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This White Paper is the Blueprint for Any Cloud-Based, Remote-Friendly Business in 2021

In 2019, the world got hit by a pandemic – COVID-19 – which took the lives of the innocent and crushed the global economy. It is 2021 now, and there seems to be no end to this pandemic. Saying that the outbreak of coronavirus has changed the world forever is not an exaggeration. It is a fact that the world has to live with, and people must adapt to it. It is not easy as it has brought unique challenges, hurdles, and hardships with it.

While COVID-19 did bring the world’s functioning to a halt, some outcomes of this situation have positively impacted the world. No, it is not just a clean and fresh environment, but it’s the worldwide acceptance of the remote working trend.

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The concept of remote working is not new, but only a few companies considered this option pre-COVID-19. As the virus began spreading rapidly, companies with no arrangements for employee’s work-from-home options had to shut down their operations entirely. On the other hand, the companies that were already working with remote teams remained profitable or maintained a flat growth curve.

Even though the concept of remote working turned into a trend amidst this pandemic, most companies are willing to go remote for good.

As the primary purpose of every company is to boost productivity, they need to aim to achieve resilience and agility in their operations. There is a way companies can build and accomplish these factors while working remotely, and that is by leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software, usually referred to as ERP, is one of the smartest tools to streamline workflows, achieve transparency, and build a seamlessly traceable system. From finances to accounts and from team management to inventory monitoring, ERPs helps connect every component of a supply chain into a system that leads to improved productivity and increased sales.

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How Can It Aid a Company’s Attempt to Go Remote?

ERPs such as Oracle NetSuite help develop an infrastructure where the entire team has access to the necessary data, regardless of where they are located (physically). Of course, the access can be customized, and every employee gets access to information relevant to their job,

Business models that operate on remote working concepts have a better chance to survive during times of uncertainty. Supporting this very fact, the white paper by Oracle NetSuite emphasizes that integration of such a system will help develop an interconnected and harmonious workflow framework. The need to be physically present can be reduced, and in some cases, may get eliminated from the entire work process.

Incorporating ERPs into the business model means, every employee, be it one present in the brick-and-mortar workplace or part of virtual space, has access to the same software and data. It develops a virtual workplace that can provide a higher level of productivity than a company with a physical workplace. ERPs such as the Oracle NetSuite help build a workplace that is harmonious and interconnected.

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It serves as a guide for companies that have recently shifted into the digital realm of the corporate sector and those already there but struggling is the research by Oracle NetSuite. This Oracle NetSuite white paper not only outlines steps to build resilience and agility in a company but also unravels the secret to establishing a strongly interconnected virtual workplace.

Where many companies grow skeptical about going remote, ERPs bring solutions that eliminate the skepticism, pushing a business owner to see the benefits of developing a remote workplace.

How Does One Achieve All That?

As per the paper under discussion (7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility), companies can achieve that by reducing the risks with a cloud ERP that is designed according to the company’s needs. That is where companies such as Folio3 come into play—offering businesses comprehensive ERP solutions to acquire a competitive edge in the market. Not only does this company help integrate ERPs into the business models, but it also makes things simple by developing fully customized solutions that seamlessly integrate the ERP into the system. For any company thinking about going remote, Folio3, with its effective implementation, customization, and integration services, makes things easy, simple, and convenient!

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