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Upscale your sales by Integrating NetSuite with Your eBay Account

Anyone who has ever considered buying or selling anything online knows eBay. It is one of the world’s most popular marketplaces for purchasing and marketing products. The reason for its popularity is not only the abundant options and extensive product lineup but also the ease of use and economy. It is also one of the most accessible options for sellers to start their businesses, regardless if they already have a business, are new to the business, or are just working from home. Another advantage of eBay is that you can sell used items that you no longer use. The auction style of selling products is another feature that makes eBay a unique marketplace. It may seem surprising at first, but as your business grows, so does your workload.
The biggest obstacles for sellers are an unlimited product supply or a higher volume of orders than projected. Business expansion is neither simple nor inexpensive. Being a well-known supplier that consumers can blindly trust for quality and pricing requires meticulous planning and execution.

Integration of NetSuite with eBay Account

Have you ever wondered how a single platform could do all of this? How did a company that plays in the big leagues succeed? How do you meet all your enterprise challenges?
The solution is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is properly implemented and keeps users carrying business as usual. To enhance sales and reach as many customers as possible, most eBay sellers also sell on other e-commerce sites. However, running a market with a lot of merchandise might get tiresome after a while. It is annoying that there are more manual entry problems because every platform has a distinct backend. Simply selling on eBay might be difficult and time-consuming, but an ERP system like NetSuite can help resolve this issue swiftly. NetSuite combines your current systems with new technologies without duplicating or erasing data if you intend to expand your offering to other platforms or markets. For instance, to support your

Automate ALL your Accounting With NetSuite

NetSuite offers incredible flexibility. Software is considered modular and can be adapted and integrated into various existing software applications that require such solutions.
Accurately tracking a company’s cash flow and financial position is fundamental to making smart business decisions. But many e-commerce businesses have so many software tools that need to keep track of their data that even simple bookkeeping can be complicated. This is another challenge that can be solved by integrating NetSuite with your e-commerce platform.
You can make better decisions about spending, inventory, and other critical processes by reconciling your Netsuite account with your eBay financial records. For example, suppose your current software solution doesn’t match your merchant account to your accounting platform (or account for the fees associated with the e-commerce process). In that case, you’re not running your business as efficiently as possible.
This built-in flexibility extends to processing, sharing, and storing information. If desired, NetSuite can create a single chart of accounts for all branches. However, NetSuite can perform the opposite function depending on the situation, creating segmented breakdowns that show exactly how each part of the business is performing and what needs are where. This comprehensive ERP system can help accelerate and streamline all financial processes in real-time, even if a company manages multiple subsidiaries or sells through multiple channels.

Mapping of ALL your Data

The ability to sync data across channels can improve every aspect of your business. The Customer Sync feature through NetSuite allows you to synchronize databases of customer information across platforms (Amazon, eBay, Jet, etc.) to improve the overall customer experience. Inventory synchronization keeps inventory updated and aggregates quantities from different warehouses to accurately represent actual inventory levels. Synchronization of items through NetSuite ensures that excess or completed inventory information is sent to multiple channels to ensure that inventory information is always accurate. In addition to synchronizing information, there is electronic file sharing within NetSuite. This feature allows you to build a B2B trading partner network at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional EDI solutions. Additionally, this feature provides a central place to view and manage data transformations, workflow integration, transaction monitoring, and more.

Customisable Setup – Just the Way You Want it

One of the most exciting features of NetSuite is its seamless integration with eBay, the most popular and busiest e-commerce marketplace, which can significantly increase your business’ sales and profit margins. Again, NetSuite helps with automated billing and managing refunds and cancellations. With access to both in-house fulfilment and third-party logistics providers, NetSuite simplifies shipping and handling. This feature also allows you to automatically notify your customers of tracking numbers and shipping carrier details once an order has been picked, packed, and shipped.


NetSuite can help you in many areas of your business. Because NetSuite is mobile-enabled and cloud-based, it’s easily accessible anytime, anywhere, freeing you and your team from time-consuming, repetitive processes. So instead of spending hours on mundane administrative tasks, why not spend time growing and improving your business?
In short, this all means that businesses of all sizes (local, national or even global) can easily communicate with their partners to manage their products, data and profits. But ease of use and broad reach isn’t all NetSuite offers for your business.


Getting started with NetSuite integration will significantly improve your business health and increase your revenue. In addition to simple and flexible financial management, NetSuite helps with the essential details of business life. NetSuite can synchronize customers, products, orders, and more across multiple markets and disparate systems. This means that all information related to orders, payments, fulfilment, and more can be shared consistently, up-to-date and easily between businesses, online marketplaces, fulfilment providers and more. Essentially, NetSuite fully integrates with all your systems, bringing all your information together in one place, making ecommerce management easy and efficient, and ensuring all your orders, inventory, and pricing information are always available. Guaranteed to be up to date.
Our team of ecommerce experts can help you execute your marketplace integration quickly and efficiently, so you can start growing your business today!

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