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What is SuiteWorld 2022 All About? What to Expect? Who Can You Meet?

Suiteworld22 is returning to Las Vegas in fall 2022, and it is going to be epic! As Netsuite’s flagship conference, Suiteworld is the highlight of the year for many professionals in the ecosystem. With countless workshops, networking opportunities, and an ocean to learn from about Netsuite – not to mention a famous musical headliner – SuiteWorld is a much-loved event that attracts thousands of Trailblazers to Las Vegas every year.

In the wake of the global pandemic, SuiteWorld has adapted to cater to a virtual audience by offering a combination of live-streamed and on-demand events. Now that in-person events are back in business, Netsuite has adopted a hybrid approach to reach an even wider audience.

What is SuiteWorld22?

At its core, SuiteWorld is an annual conference that aims to bring the Netsuite community together to share, learn, and grow. As one of the most significant global tech events and cloud ERP conferences, the  3,000+ attendees can expect to enjoy a spectacle of Netsuite’s innovations and numerous training sessions, live testimonials, and presentations from visionary keynote speakers.

SuiteWorld encourages attendees to network, share their stories, explore an ecosystem of more than 125 Netsuite partners, and celebrate their success in the innovation industry. Popularly known as “More than just a Conference,” SuiteWorld focuses on:

Ø  Learning

Ø  Networking

Ø  Getting Inspired

Ø  Giving back

Ø  Not to forget, Having Fun!

SuiteWorld22 has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are from of finance, inventory, CRM, supply chain, or all of the above; the event will provide you with what you need to get you and your business moving at Full Suite Speed!

When is SuiteWorld22?

SuiteWorld takes place each year. This year’s event is due to take place September 27 -30. Tickets have been live for quite some time and are selling fast. Registration for the on-air experience is now also live!

Where is SuiteWorld22?

Las Vegas has been the official home of SuiteWorld since 2017, and it’s no different this year. The event will take place in Caesars Form, Las Vegas.

From not taking place in 2020 to a hybrid event the following year, 2022 will follow in the previous year’s footsteps by offering global access to a combination of live and on-demand events. So if you don’t manage to get tickets, you can always tune in online.

With special episodes available to watch, and a wealth of original series the platform offers stress-free access to great content – minus the plane journey!

Who can attend SuiteWorld22?

Admins, Advertisers, developers, managers, architects, newbies, Data-savvy users, NetSuite’s partners, contractors, customers, and Trailblazers alike. SuiteWorld is for everyone working in the Tech and Cloud ecosystem – everyone across every team and industry around the world.

You’ll be in good company with over 2,000 attendees in the previous year!

Note: All guests must be at least 21 years of age.

What’s on the Agenda?

The full SuiteWorld22 schedule can be accessed here and includes over 450+ sessions over the 3-day event. You can expect to see keynotes for all your favorite products alongside more minor, intimate sessions on pretty much any topic you can imagine!

Here’s What You Can Expect:

Keynotes:  This is where you can know Netsuite’s latest and greatest announcements, and how customers harness the power of NetSuite to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Hackathon 4Good Challenge: This will let you compete friendly with fellow participants while developing and prototyping innovative NetSuite solutions that benefit our selected nonprofit customers.

Innovation Keynote: These sessions do more than help participants discover new ways to transform the world of work and inspire innovation. Topics include finance, services, products, platforms, and even some unique ones that are new to NetSuite.

Breakout Session: In these sessions, you can learn more about the suite from product experts, industry experts, and NetSuite users. There’s something for everyone with different levels and formats, including best practices, how-to tips, case studies, and product demos.

SuiteWolrd also features legendary speakers. Past speakers include Evan Goldberg, Darlene Slaughter, Ryan Grisso, Ryan Grisso, Rebecca Bailes

NetSuite hands-on: This session is new, and here you can gain hands-on experience and improve your NetSuite skills. These sessions provide a demo environment and are led by the NetSuite Education Services team.

Ask SuiteGuru: In a private 30-minute session, one of NetSuite’s technical experts will answer your product questions. Plan your appointments in Agenda Builder (starting end of August – limited to one per attendee). This is your chance to ask the senior NetSuite executives her hard-hitting questions.

Product Roundtable: You can discuss NetSuite products with the people behind the development all over a scrumptious lunch. Selected topics and Registration is already live.

Meet and Greet: Participate in industry-focused peer group discussions and product demonstrations from industry product managers and solution experts.

Expo Theater Session: Visit our exhibit floor to learn how NetSuite partners extend the value of their suites.

SuiteWorld is a fantastic place to learn new skills, network with industry leaders, and progress your career. And then there are also some pretty amazing parties for letting off steam.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a laydown on all things SuiteWorld, you can start planning to witness this iconic event in action for yourself – whether in person or online. Tickets for SuiteWorld22 are now available.

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