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What’s new in the NetSuite SuiteSocial 1.09 Release

It’s been quite a while since NetSuite introduced social media integration via its SuiteSocial bundle back in 2012 along with added support for social media comments and status updates.


Since the release of SuiteSocial, customers have been requesting numerous additional features like real time updates, support for email replies and integration with third party applications. NetSuite has been listened to all of these requests and is planning to provide these features in its SuiteSocial Release 1.09. Here are some of the key new features being introduced in the new SuiteSocial release.

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SuiteSocial APIs

This feature allows you to build integrations that retrieve data from the SuiteSocial news feed and view it in other applications using a powerful yet easy to use RESTful interface. This update will open the doors to a huge community of enterprise social tools as well as other social media tools and applications which act as an addition to NetSuite’s features.

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Support for Email Replies

Every system that provides social media integration now provides support for inline replies by replying directly through notification emails. NetSuite has now added support for replying to posts via email replies as well. This removes the hassle of having to log into NetSuite and replying to a social post or feed conversation.

Apart from these two features there are a lot of bug fixes and UI improvements included in the upcoming SuiteSocial release. Currently the new release is in preview mode and is available through Sandbox Previews only but it should be out soon.

Install the SuiteSocial Preview now and check out the new features yourself!

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