Don’t Spend Your Time Worrying About DCAA Compliance. Spend It On Growing Your Business

A Solution Built specifically for Government Contractors by Government Contractors powered by NetSuite.

Why Netsuite + DCAA-on-Demand is the Best Choice?​

DCAA-on-Demand built for NetSuite is the only cloud-based, unified platform, available to companies that do business with the Government and was built specifically for Government Contractors by Government Contractor

One Platform Solution

Single vendor, built for NetSuite


Compliance with US regulations

Deep DCAA knowledge and experience
built into the solution

Why our solution?

It’s simple. It’s proven. It’s cost-effective.
It just works.

Complexity Simplified

Operate in compliance and be
audit-ready any time

Time to stop focusing on DCAA compliance and spend your energy on building your business!

Why Our Clients Are Moving To NetSuite and DCAA-on-Demand

Now, it’s a matter of survival, as all of your business functions depend on it. Here’s why:

  • Our clients are growing businesses who have always needed DCAA compliance or are just securing their initial Government Contracts.
  • They are looking for ways to streamline bookkeeping, record keeping, and compliance so they can focus on their core businesses.
  • We are DCAA experts, so our clients don’t need to go through the hassle.
  • Clients realize they can’t risk jeopardizing their government contracts and hard-earned trust. NetSuite and DCAA-on-demand solve the problem.

Why Folio3 and DCAA-on-Demand?

  • Folio3 is the 2021 NETSUITE PARTNER OF THE YEAR in the EMEA region
  • Folio3 ensures smooth implementation of DCAA and NetSuite as per your organization’s tailored needs
  • Folio3 can help you get the desired solution with a customized DCAA on Demand Solution
  • DCAA is not only a comprehensive solution but also provides DCAA compliance across all facets of government.
  • Folio3 has been effectively providing services to corporations, military, and government agencies with its partnership with DCAA.

Enlighten Yourself About DCAA on Demand
With Our Industry Expert Team

The Costs

DCAA-on Demand – simple pricing of USD 10K annually and USD10K one-time implementation fee
NetSuite –any SuiteSuccess SKU with Advanced Projects –implementation ranges between $55K – $75K.

Who can benefit from DCAA?

Anyone who is providing products or services to the US federal government (or plans to)

Key Features of Our Solution


DCCA Compliant time entry​


Payroll cost allocation


Indirect cost Allocation

Job Costing


GovCon billing and revenue calculations



Project Status Reports

Our Clients

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