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Naked Wardrobe’s visionary CEO, Kamelia Kaviani, made the savvy decision to opt for NetSuite. Get the inside scoop on their journey, from overcoming challenges to celebrating triumphs.

In the world of fashion, Naked Wardrobe was a rising star.They were making waves with their stylish and trendy clothing for women of all age and size, but they faced a common problem: managing their rapidly growing business. This is the story of their exciting journey towards a solution that changed their entire outlook.
Naked Wardrobe, in the midst of remarkable growth, was in a quandary. Their crucial data lived in different places. They were using various software to perform different fucntion like Shipstation for parcel shipments and Magento M1 for eCommerce. Also, they were heavily relying on manual work which slowed them down and held back their growth.
One day, while browsing the web, they stumbled upon NetSuite, an ERP solution known for helping businesses manage their operations seamlessly. Intrigued, they delved deeper into NetSuite's capabilities and success stories, which convinced them it was the right choice for their transformation.
After getting quotes from multiple NetSuite implementation partners and doing careful analysis, Naked Wardrobe ultimately selected Folio3 to proceed with their NetSuite AFA Implementation.
With the assistance of Folio3, Naked wardrobe implemented NetSuite Suite success AFA (Apparel, Fashion and accessories). Folio3 tailored NetSuite to fit Naked Wardrobe's unique needs, allowing it to bridge the gap between their fragmented systems.
This implementation helped Naked Wardrobe to perform their day-to-day financials, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, sales, and CRM functions – All in one Place
As time passed, Naked Wardrobe experienced a transformation they never thought possible. Their business operations were smoother than ever. They could now track inventory in real-time, fulfill orders faster, and had a clear picture of their financials. This newfound efficiency meant happier customers and increased profits.
Naked Wardrobe's ERP success made them highly competitive in the fashion industry, surpassing their goals with NetSuite and Folio3. They looked back at their journey with satisfaction and gratitude, knowing they had made the right choice.
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