Ideabash is an annual competition designed to nurture entrepreneurial creativity within folio3, serves as a catalyst for innovation and a platform to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.



IdeaBash at Folio3 empowers creative minds to generate brilliant ideas for Netsuite, harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI. Here, coding, brainstorming, and crafting advanced Netsuite prototypes thrive. Every employee enjoys an equal opportunity to pitch and witness their ideas materialize into reality, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

Meet the 2023 IdeaBash Runner Up


A generative AI solution that will be seamlessly integrated with NetSuite. Genalytic delivers tailored reports and insightful analyses based on user specifications.Its user-friendly chat interface enables effortless requests for reports, analyses, forecasts, strategies, and risk assessments. The primary goal is to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience, simplifying complex data interactions for users.

Target Markets

Organizations that use or plan to use NetSuite.

Key Features

Reporting, Analysis, Forecasting, Strategies

Technology Stack

ChatGPT, Angular JS, Node JS, SQL, aws

Honorable Mentions

AI Sales Booster

It is an AI-driven sales and inventory forecasting and recommendation system that revolutionizes the way businesses operate.It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and empowers decision-making with pinpoint accuracy, enabling businesses to capitalize on trends, optimize discounts, and navigate complexities effortlessly.


Efficiently address parking challenges by integrating AI into design and management, optimizing space, enhancing security, reducing congestion, providing real-time insights, and streamlining user experiences for a sustainable and secure parking environment.


AI-Suite Bot streamlines sales operations by automating order entries, eliminating manual efforts. Accurate pricing suggestions are generated by analyzing customer data. The AI-based sales suitebot creates customized newsletters using customer data. With Suitebot you can maximize sales efficiency and effectiveness through automation, data-driven pricing, tailored recommendations, and personalized communication.

Quick Bookers

Plan and book your dream vacation hassle-free! Say goodbye to endless research and unsatisfactory bookings. With our streamlined travel solution, create itineraries and book hotels effortlessly. Take control of expenses and explore top-notch locations at your fingertips. Revolutionize your travel experience with quick, convenient booking—empowering you to plan your entire trip in just a few clicks. Embrace the freedom of effortless travel with our game-changing product.

LeafyCare AI

The app utilizes Generative AI to assess plant health through uploaded images, offering personalized care plans and actionable advice for improvement.It helps users understand plant issues and offers clear steps for improvement while recommending suitable plants for their space. Powered by advanced AI, it analyzes images to guide users in caring for their plants.

AI-Driven SmartForecast

AI-Driven SmartForecast for NetSuite transforms business forecasting by leveraging AI and Generative AI algorithms. It merges historical data and market trends to deliver precise, real-time forecasts. This adaptable solution supports scenario planning, fosters teamwork, and enhances inventory management and production efficiency, benefiting e-commerce and manufacturing businesses.


The future of cattle farming with MooNu, where precision meets nutrition. Our app is set to revolutionize the industry using the Precision Farming Technique by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to ensure healthier, more productive livestock. Today, we unveil MooNu, the next frontier in cattle nutrition.

Trip Gen!e

TripGen!e provides with real-time information about travel destinations, attractions and dining options, pricing, weather updates, and local events, enabling travelers compare prices, read reviews book flights, hotels and book tours all in one place.

Prime Pricing

Helping clients in pre-sales by improving their pricing strategies and analyzing market, competitor, and customer data. This boosts profits, keeps them competitive, and leads to smarter pricing choices. Simply put, it assists businesses in entering the market effectively by bidding online at lower costs after comparing skills and service types with competitors.


AI Powered drivern marketing module integreted with NetSuite. It offers advanced customer segmentation, automated email campaigns, dynamic content personalization, and AI-enhanced A/B testing. Experience AI-driven customer journey mapping, content creation, and precise ROI attribution and reporting.

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