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Customize Netsuite to Create Unique Business Advantages

Don’t get slowed down by out-of-the-box software, your business is unique with a specific set of requirements. Even with the specific modules that are offered by NetSuite to deliver specialized functionality, most businesses require additional functionality and customization to fully automate their business processes.

Our NetSuite experts can extend the functionality of your NetSuite and customize it to meet your business needs.


Do More with NetSuite Customization

Folio3 has extensive experience and expertise in NetSuite customization with a great team to experts have in-depth knowledge in Suiteflex, SuiteScript, Suitelet, and web services based integrations and customizations. We make sure that your NetSuite customizations are fully compatible with future versions and updates with guaranteed support to make your solution future proof.


Quick Deployment

Easily deploy custom solutions and functionalities.


Highly Competitive Cost

Get the most out of your NetSuite without breaking the bank.


Future-proof Solution

Our solutions are compatible with all future versions with guaranteed support.

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We Cover Everything NetSuite

Our experts can help you enable specific functionalities to any NetSuite module that you may be in the process of implementing or already using. We work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and thrive to create the efficiencies they need to get the most out of their NetSuite system. We offer customization services for all NetSuite functional areas.

  • Accounting/Finance
  • CRM Human Resources
  • eCommerce
  • General
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing Management

Some of Our Clients


Folio3 developed a custom Suitelet for Sundia that reads HTML files with POs received from a B2BGateway then splits them into individual POs and converts them into PDF files. These are then attached to their respective sales orders in NetSuite. The Suitelet also enables email notifications to relevant users to report the status of each transaction.



Folio3 developed a custom NetSuite application that automates the strict project costing, bookkeeping, & timekeeping activities by government contractors. The solution consists of integrated modules that provide Project Status Reporting, Cost Allocation, Payroll Cost, Allocation & DCAA Compliant Time entry. The solution also included Gmail & Google Calendar integration with NetSuite.


HawkRidge Systems

Folio3 implemented a range of customizations that included:

  • Automated sales quote generation for subscription services.
  • Custom Report Portlets for Home & Consumer Dashboards
  • Duplicate Detection Engine
  • Duplicate Detection Engine
  • Dynamic Dashboard Portlet for Sales Reports

Rico Industries

Folio3 delivered several customizations like:

  • Automated scripts to load sales orders in NetSuite
  • Custom functionality that shows different info for items depending on the customer.
  • Custom calculation for Commissions, Royalty, & Credit Hold processes.
  • Functionality to split multi-item orders into multiple orders, if the order’s line items are from different locations

With loads of implementations and customizations across a range of industry verticals, we’re equipped with the expertise and knowledge to help you overcome your challenges.

Hear from Our Clients

"We were using Salesforce to manage our contract renewals. While it did the job, it wasn't integrated with our NetSuite ERP. We looked at various solutions including NetSuite's own modules. The majority of offerings we saw were aimed at solving a single manufacturer's contracts, and couldn't handle the complexities of a distributor or re-seller managing multiple maintenance contracts, with multiple guidelines. After speaking with 3 developers we chose Folio3, and we're glad we did. Folio3 made it a very easy and accommodating process. We are a small company with limited development staff and limited experience doing custom processes. Folio3 understood our goals clearly, and offered a straight forward statement of work. Unlike others, we didn't feel there was anything being hidden. Throughout the process, communication was steady and responsive. Frankly, I believe they spent most of their time waiting on us more than the reverse! In the end, I think we got a product that met everything we had hoped for. We are looking forward to continuing with our next project with Folio3! ".

Brian Gorne

President Motion Media, LLC

"Folio3 has been an unstoppable NetSuite implementation partner! Working through the ambiguities associated with complex integrations, they have skillfully supported our multiple business units, from production to retail. Their command of the NetSuite product and scope of supporting services is truly impressive, and they continually work to develop novel and comprehensive solutions for our most challenging needs. Going beyond outstanding technical skills, their people are highly responsive, kind and informative, at every turn!".

Adam Marquart

COO, Juice Shop

"Folio3 has done an excellent job implementing NetSuite's SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) platform for us. They have been right on top of things, and have been extremely attentive to all details of the project as well as to our needs. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with them.".

John Smaller

CEO, Balboa Manufacturing

"Folio3 did a terrific job. Our work involves complex calculations involving government project costing, profitability, taxes and federal compliance. Folio3 was not only able to translate all these requirements into a custom NetSuite application, they did it in record time!".

Shahrooz Shams

Implementation Manager - SaaS Solutions, Daston Corporation

"BioPak was an early adopter of NetSuite in Australia. We use NetSuite’s ERP, CRM and eCommerce platforms, and after initially struggling to find development partners, we engaged Folio3 in early 2016. Their transparency and work ethic has resulted in the rebirth of our desire to forge ahead with important upgrades and developments. The Folio3 team are so easy to deal with and their work exemplary. They guide us through each project and deliver affordable and best of breed solutions. Their after sale service is a redeeming feature and they have shown that they never to walk away from the work they do, when there are a few hurdles after completion. Folio3 has added massive value to our business & their partnership will greatly assist us in growing and managing our business by systemizing most processes and giving us control and functionality to ensure our growth is sustainable, as we take advantage of NetSuite’s true power!".

Gary Smith

CEO, BioPak

"I have nothing but good things to say about Folio3. They are very responsive, thorough, proactive, and the output is always what I ask for. I highly recommend them.".

Tom Bushold

Director IT, SimplyThick

"Foilo3 was great to work with through the whole process. We had a complex set of items and they were great at making the integration seamless and fixed issues very quickly.".

Andrew Worcester

CEO, PoolWeb

"Folio3 was referred to us by a business associate, to help us with a NetSuite Magento integration. Our concern when we started, was to make sure that all of the touch points between Magento and NetSuite could be setup. Everything that we required they covered during the discovery and consulting stage. From start to finish, Folio3 did an incredible job relaying information, completing the work and at the same time being incredibly responsive to our request. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ".

David Latimer

Operations Manager, Orson H. Gygi Company

"Folio3 made my transition to NetSuite so much easier. They understood the needs of both Magento and Netsuite, and offered the best solution to meet the demands of my company. I highly recommend them for your connector needs. ".

Matthew Linde

Senior Manager Web & IT Services, BeautyBlender

"When we switched to NetSuite, we needed a solution that could integrate our new ERP with Magento. Folio3 hit the mark with its ease of use and a cost that fit our budget.".

Ken Neilson

- NetSuite Administrator, Affinity Tool Works

"Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.".

Richard Cockrell

NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

"Folio3 has been a great partner for our NetSuite custom developments. They have shown the flexibility and competence needed in understanding our needs and developing to our specs for regular SuiteScript projects as well as our mobile app. ".

Jay Crawford

NetSuite Administrator - Rico Inc.

"Folio3 has been very responsive from the moment we first contacted them. They are able to understand our needs and implement solutions that meet our need and exceed our expectation. What I find most valuable in working with Folio3 is that we’ve never had to wait longer than an hour or two for responses to inquiries. They are courteous, prompt, and deliver a professional quality product. ".

Jarreau Israel

System Admin, Redeye Worldwide Inc.

"We needed an online presence for our business that catered to both our B2B and B2C clientele and we needed it in record time. Folio3 was able to deliver in our timeline, in budget, and has continued to provide us with excellent on-going support. ".

Lee King

Director, Waterbar

"We were very impressed with Folio3’s knowledge of NetSuite & the way they were able to quickly understand our requirements & develop solutions that best fulfilled our needs. The quality of their work far exceeded our expectations. ".

Jon Kurtz

President, Dog Is Good LLC

"We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Folio3’s solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Folio3 “gets it“ from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time. ".

Anne Thys

VP Logistics, Sundia Corporation

"The development of this app with Folio3 was a great experience. It truly allowed us to develop what we needed for our business!".

Eric McGregor

eCommerce & Operations Manager, Tacoma Screw Products Inc

"Thanks to the eBay-NetSuite integration developed by Folio3, we are able to dramatically increase our eBay sales without adding any extra overhead. Within one week of launch we had already tripled sales wi".

John Dawson

NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

"The Folio3’s Magento Connector for NetSuite helped us cut down our order processing time by half and has practically eliminated order mix-ups, making our work process so simple and efficient. We’re thrilled to witness the flexibility and the power of customization to bring over every piece of data we needed from Magento to NetSuite. Literally, I cannot imagine my eCommerce operations without Folio3’s Magento Connector for NetSuite!".


CEO, RuffleButts

"We are very pleased with Folio3’s NetSuite Shopify connector and with their team’s responsiveness to our needs. We have several custom NetSuite features that were tricky to integrate with Shopify but their team worked to find solutions for us. Folio3 was quick to respond to our email support requests and scheduled online meetings when needed. They have a team of engineers to assist with customization requests and we are very happy with the solution they provided to our company.".

Natalie Carpenter

IT Director, Parelli Natural Horsemanship

"Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.".

Dawn See

Ecommerce Project Manager, Public Bikes

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