NetSuite Integration

Netsuite Integration Services

Companies often want to integrate NetSuite with their existing applications and platforms, so they can leverage the benefits of a completely connected business environment. These applications can range from EDI and order processing systems to standalone CRM applications like Salesforce, eCommerce platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and standalone web stores like Magento.

At Folio3, we specialize in NetSuite integration services and solutions. Our NetSuite experts have developed custom NetSuite integrations with both on premise and cloud based applications for clients in multiple industry verticals.

We can help implement a flexible and scalable NetSuite integration for your business that will not only consolidate business processes and streamline transactions, but will also simplify your supply chain and decision making.

We specialize in the following type of NetSuite integrations:

  • Integration with other CRM systems (both legacy and cloud-based) – two way synchronization of customer, contact, account, sales order and billing info between CRM systems like Salesforce with NetSuite
  • Integration with external web stores, websites and portals – for real time synchronization of sales orders, customer info, inventory, item/product details and billing information with NetSuite
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like eBay, eBay Motors, Amazon, etc. for simplifying sales across multiple marketplaces – by providing real time sync of inventory, product info, sales orders, customers, fulfillments and shipping info.
  • NetSuite integration with other systems and applications that require synchronization of bulk or batch processing jobs and data such as order processing or EDI systems.
  • Middleware based NetSuite integrations using third party tools.

Proprietary NetSuite Integration Connectors

In addition to custom NetSuite integration solutions, we also offer turnkey, Built For NetSuite (BFN) certified NetSuite integration connectors for:

Our NetSuite integration connectors can be implemented in minimal time and at a highly affordable cost. Our connectors are also fully customizable, so we can add any additional functionality or features you need, to their our of the box feature set.

For more information about our Netsuite Integration Services please contact us.