Zendesk NetSuite Integration

Eliminate data entry and enable seamless integration with your back-office NetSuite system

zendesk netsuite integration

Seamless Zendesk NetSuite Integration

Folio3’s NetSuite Zendesk Integration Connector is a turn-key solution that eliminates data entry and combines customer support with back-office operations for outstanding service delivery. The solution provides complete visibility into your NetSuite back office from Zendesk, helping you provide superior service and support to your customers while eliminating data entry from both systems.


Zendesk NetSuite Integration Connector Highlights


Centralized Ticket Management

Automatically sync Zendesk Tickets as NetSuite (Support) Cases and Vice Versa


Centralized Orders & RMAs

Easily sync sales orders with Zendesk and manage on NetSuite


Consolidated Customer Info

Seamlessly sync any NetSuite customer’s orders and Return Merchant Authorizations to your Zendesk account


Easy Deployment

Quick and easy deployment – does not require any coding


Extensive Customizations

Customize your NetSuite integration, install functionalities and workflows that fit your business


Real-time Dashboards

Get complete visibility of integration status and synced information

Netsuite Zendesk Integration Benefits

Combine customer support with back-office operations for a 360-degree customer insight


Automatic synchronization of data for up to the minute data accuracy


Fully customizable – can be tailored to your business’ requirements


Immediate deployment – does not require any coding


Regular automated updates

End-to-end Integration Between NetSuite and Zendesk

  • Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (One-way ticket sync)
  • Sync NetSuite Case to Zendesk Ticket (One-way ticket sync)
  • Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (only if NetSuite Case does not exist)
  • Sync NetSuite Case update to Zendesk Ticket & Do not sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite
  • Sync comments and messages along with tickets/cases
  • Sync Users and Organizations between NetSuite and Zendesk
  • View NetSuite Orders and Return Merchant Authorizations directly in Zendesk
  • View NetSuite transactions like credit memos, deposits and account balances (among others) in Zendesk.
  • Synchronize attachments with Support Cases & Tickets
  • Synchronize NetSuite Employees as Zendesk Agents
  • Sync Time Tracking Entries from Zendesk to NetSuite
  • Sync Custom Fields between NetSuite and Zendesk
  • Monitor updates & changes directly from the Connector Dashboard

Netsuite Zendesk Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite Zendesk Integration Connector License Cost – $2,400/year or $1,200/6 months. A one-time setup charge of $500 is also applicable for every integration.

Any add-on features/functionality not supported out of the box, are available via customization. To learn more about our other NetSuite integration solutions, please visit our NetSuite Services section.