Aramex NetSuite Integration Connector

Enable uninterrupted data communication between your website, Aramex and NetSuite accounts to automate the process of shipment booking, tracking and updating. The frictionless communication between your business applications will not only reduce the time it takes to deliver every package, but also nullify the errors involved with manual data-entry.

NetSuite Aramex 3PL Connector Integration​

Streamline Order Bookings & Fulfillments on Aramex

Folio3’s NetSuite Aramex integration connector takes out the gut-wrenching task of replicating and manually updating order-data across all 3 platforms via automated synchronization between your website, NetSuite and Aramex.

Let our NetSuite team take care of keeping your NetSuite back-office data up-to-date with our automation solution, while you look into matters worthy of your time and focus.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Aramex 3PL Connector Highlights

Centralized Control

Avoid shipments mishandling by maintain control over your data.

Seamless Order Management

Manage all orders for improved services

Easy Deployment

Easily deploy your integration in smooth and secure manner 

Extensive Customization

Your NetSuite can be customized according to your business requirements

Updated Dashboards

Monitor system updates and synchronization status with comprehensive dashboards

NetSuite Aramex 3PL Connector Integration​

NetSuite Aramex 3PL Integration Benefits

Folio3's NetSuite & Aramex Integration Connector gives you many benefits. here are a few of them


No more order mix-ups or incorrect deliveries caused by human error


Mitigate the delays caused by manual data entry handling


Automate data synchronization between your business systems


Fully customizable to fit your needs

Features of NetSuite and Aramex 3PL Integration

  • Generate shipments requests from Aramex
  • Extract the tracking number to return response from Aramex
  • Send shipment tracking number with fulfilment to NetSuite
  • Extract all orders by their fulfillment status via Saved Search
  • Acquire updated fulfillment data synced from NS to Magento / Aramex
  • Retrieve all data for tracking numbers, freight costs, and service type along with other shipment information that is synced from Aramex

NetSuite Aramex 3PL Integration Pricing

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