Cropster NetSuite Integration Connector

Integrate NetSuite with Mintsoft to streamline your Cloud-Based Order & Warehouse Management. Cropster is a tool used by coffee roasters, labs, traders and producers to make and trade high profile coffee.

Seamless NetSuite & Cropster Integration

Allow faster, smoother & error-free updation and sync of data across Cropster & NetSuite. Disengage with the old ways of manual entries on multiple platforms causing errors and data discrepancies. NetSuite integrations allow companies to fully utilize the advantages of automation and timely availability of accurate information.

NetSuite Cropster Connector Highlights

Work Order

The connector will have the ability to sync the work orders created in NetSuite and send it to Cropster via scheduled background scripts.

Work Order Builts

With this feature, the Work order builts that would be created in Cropster would be synced back to NetSuite at certain pre-configured intervals

Easy Deployment

Our Cropster connector can be easily deployed without any additional coding

Updated Dashboards

The admins/users with access to their NetSuite panel can get timely information right on their dashboard screens

Extensive Customizations

The connector can be modified according to your needs

NetSuite Cropster Integration Benefits

Folio3's NetSuite & Cropster Integration is loaded with benefits


Unburden yourself from the worries of manual data entry errors


Improve productivity and business efficiency with automation


Always get the latest information to make important decisions


Any existing feature can be customized or removed, while new features can be added to this connector.

Features of NetSuite and Cropster Integration

  • Sync Transfer Orders from NetSuite into Cropster Green Inventory
  • Sync Stock Transfers from NetSuite into Cropster Green Inventory
  • Sync Inventory Counts (After Inventory Adjustment) from NetSuite into Cropster Green Inventory
  • Sync Inventory Counts (As Inventory Adjustment) from Cropster Roasts Inventory into NetSuite
  • Sync Purchase orders From NetSuite to Cropster as LOT
  • Lot Detail (PG#) Update from Cropster into NetSuite based on matching ICO Number

NetSuite Cropster Integration Pricing

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