NetSuite eBay Motors Integration Connector

Keep your eBay Motors and NetSuite Accounts Seamlessly Synced

netsuite ebay integration connector

Simplify Selling With eBay Motors NetSuite Connector

Our Built For NetSuite (BFN) certified NetSuite eBay Motors Connector provides enterprise-grade, secure, real-time integration between eBay Motors and the NetSuite ERP. With its automated data synchronization, you can focus on the core areas of your business while back-office management takes care of itself.

NetSuite ebay motor Integration

eBay Motors NetSuite Connector Highlights

Central Inventory

Ensure your inventory is synced with eBay Motors at all times


Smooth Order Handling

Easily sync sales orders with eBay Motors and manage on NetSuite


Automated Shipping

Send shipment tracking info to your customers as soon as orders are fulfilled in NetSuite

Consolidated Product Data

Make sure your product info is always up to date, like price, color, size, and description.


Real-time Dashboards

Get total visibility of the integration status and information sync


Completely Customizable

Don’t be limited by your integration, add functionalities and workflows specific to your business

NetSuite eBay Motors Integration Benefits

Completely automate workflows by integrating your NetSuite and eBay Motors accounts


Save time, effort and overhead involved in manually keeping NetSuite and your eBay Motors store in sync


Streamline fulfillment and customer service with automated synchronization of sales order, customer, and billing data


Automated posting of fulfilled orders to eBay Motors from NetSuite


Free Support

Completely Automate Data Flow from eBay to NetSuite with eBay NetSuite Motors Connector

  • Automatically import all order statuses (awaiting shipment, checkout complete, etc.) from eBay Motors web store into NetSuite
  • Automatically create and updates customer records and payment invoices associated with sales orders from eBay Motors listings in NetSuite
  • Sync inventory levels from NetSuite to eBay Motors
  • Sync product data (product name, description, pricing) from NetSuite to eBay Motors
  • Syncing eBay Motors cash sales to NetSuite
  • Sync NetSuite matrix items to eBay Motors
  • Automatic export of fulfilled sales order’ statuses from NetSuite to eBay Motors Automatic export of shipping and delivery tracking information from NetSuite to eBay Motors, for fulfilled sales orders
  • Invoice generation in NetSuite and eBay Motors
  • Compatible with NetSuite One World

Netsuite eBay Motors Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s eBay Motors NetSuite Integration Connector License Cost – $2,400/year or $1,200/6 months. One time setup fee of $500

Personalization or addition of new features can be requested through customization section.

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