Fulex NetSuite Integration Connector

NetSuite integration with Fulex 3PL system to smoothen order management by synchronizing order data between your NetSuite ERP, Website & Fulex system.

NetSuite Fulex 3PL Integration​

Seamless NetSuite Fulex 3PL Integration

Fully automated integration of your NetSuite & Fulex system to streamline order fulfillment and maximize efficiency when handling customer shipments. Ensure tight integration between your NetSuite and Fulex systems to eliminate inefficiencies caused by manual data entry and the extra time/effort that goes into it.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Fulex 3PL Connector Highlights

Central Sales Order Management

Seamlessly sync and manage sales orders from NetSuite to your Fulex 3PL systems. 

The ability to integrate any eCommerce business with the shopping cart, payment system, marketing, and affiliate management tool, shipment management, accounts management, etc.

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Automated synchronization of fulfillment info such as shipping, tracking, and package, etc. between NetSuite and Fulex.

Easy Deployment

Set up and deploy your integration with ease.

Extensive Customization

Add custom functionality, workflows, and data management according to your business needs.

Updated Dashboards

  • Pre-set Dashboard
  • Find order data, customer count & order fulfillment details
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Possibility of dashboard customization
  • Automated Data synchronization
  • Manual Data synchronization
  • Ability to upload or edit data


Retrieval & compilation of data in a smart and easy to understand format, allowing you to get meaningful information and extract data by matching, adding or removing fields, allowing you to download filtered data for your business growth, understanding, forecasting and reporting.

Pre-set reporting formats

Customized Reports: Advance reporting with data filtration within data-field

NetSuite Fulex 3PL Integration​

NetSuite Fulex 3PL Integration Benefits

NetSuite & Fulex Integration comes with a bunch of benefits. Here are some of them


Seamless order management


Saving hundreds of hours lost in data entry


Fully Customizable


Deployed within NetSuite with max uptime and security

Features of NetSuite and Fulex 3PL Integration

  • Sales order creation directly in NetSuite or synced from the CMS (if any) will also be synced with Fulex.
  • Orders with multiple locations will create a separate order for different locations
  • Once all the orders from Netsuite have been synced with Fulex, the order IDs in Fulex will be mapped to NetSuite Sales orders
  • Syncing order cancellations across all platforms.
    Note: Customization of all types of orders creation, management, cancellations & processing along with shipments, is fully possible
  • Synchronize Fulex Shipment IDs along with Partial Fulfilments recorded in NetSuite
  • Seamless shipment data mapping on all platforms following a scheduled synchronization
  • Partial orders to be synchronized from the CMS or Fulex with NetSuite in case of partial fulfillment

NetSuite Fulex 3PL Integration Pricing

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