HubSpot NetSuite Integration Connector

Sync new leads, deals, and contacts between HubSpot and NetSuite


NetSuite HubSpot Integration Connector for You to Get Started Immediatel

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Automate data flows and completely integrate your HubSpot and NetSuite systems. Our connector continuously synchronizes your sales and marketing information which includes new leads, deals, and contact information. It eliminates the efforts of manual data entry and maintain the records up to date.

HubSpot NetSuite Connector Highlights

Automated Leads Sync

Sync Companies coming in from HubSpot to NetSuite as Leads/Prospects/Customers.

Unified Opportunities

Automatically import Deals from HubSpot to NetSuite as Opportunities and manage them there.

Consolidated Contact Info

Sync Contact information for Customers between NetSuite and HubSpot.

Easy Deployment

Deploy quickly with minimal coding requirements and get moving.

Extensive Customizations

Customize your integration to work for you by adding custom workflows and functionality that benefits your business

End-to-end Visibility

Get end-to-end visibility of the data synced, integration status, and health.

Add-on features/functionality are available via customization

Folio3 is an Award-Winning ‘Tier One’ NetSuite Alliance partner excelling in NetSuite Customizations. Beyond our prebuilt NetSuite HubSpot connector, we can also help you build customized features required by your business.

Enhance Marketing Campaigns and improve Customer Conversations with HubSpot NetSuite Integration

  • Two-way synchronization between HubSpot and NetSuite.
  • Synchronize companies in HubSpot to NetSuite as Leads/Prospects/Customers and vice versa.
  • Synchronize contacts in HubSpot to NetSuite as contacts and vice versa.
  • Import deals in HubSpot to NetSuite as Opportunities along with line items already existing in NetSuite.
  • Import quotes between NetSuite and HubSpot along with line items already existing in NetSuite.
  • Automated data synchronization between HubSpot and NetSuite.

HubSpot Netsuite Integration Benefits

Sync leads immediately from HubSpot to NetSuite as they are marked qualified


Seamless integration between HubSpot and NetSuite


Fully customizable


Free maintenance and updates


Immediate deployment – does not require any coding

Case Studies

Solving complex problems for businesses of all kind

  1. VoxSmart, a FinTech company specialized in data-driven solutions for financial institutions, improved sales data management with our Prebuilt NetSuite HubSpot connector

HubSpot NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, our NetSuite HubSpot integration connector enables seamless synchronization of customer data and marketing activities between the two platforms. This Hubspot Netsuite connector integration ensures a cohesive view of customer information, including contact details, lead data, customer interactions, and marketing campaigns, allowing you to effectively manage and engage with your customers across Hubspot and NetSuite.

    Our integration connector facilitates bidirectional synchronization, ensuring data flows seamlessly between HubSpot Netsuite integration in real time. Whether you update customer information in NetSuite or capture marketing campaign data in HubSpot, the changes are automatically synced between the platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and maintaining data consistency.

    HubSpot definitely connects to NetSuite. In fact, Folio3 offers a plug-and-play NetSuite HubSpot integration connector for a seamless connection and smooth experience.

    Our pre-built connector supports the integration of common data types which includes companies, estimates, contacts, leads, customer accounts, sales orders, and deal information.

    Teams have observed significant improvement in the reporting capabilities as it provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey and sales performance analytics.

    Yes, Folio3 provides post implementation technical support to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance.